Delicious Keto Strawberry Ice Cream

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Who says you can’t have low carb ice cream just as creamy and tasty as the sugary stuff they sell in stores? Well you can, but you have to make it yourself, and here’s how.

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✅Strawberry Ice Cream
Serves ~10; Serving size 1 scoop (~1/2 C)
*Total Carbs/Serving: 3.8g
*Total Net Carbs/Serving: 3.2
Nutrition: 169 Calories/1.5g Protein/17.2g Fat/3.8g Carbs/0.6g Fiber
2 C Strawberries, cleaned and hulled
2 C Heavy cream or heavy whipping cream (substitutions listed below)
*¼ C Low carb sweetener
½ tsp. Sea salt
1 tsp. Vanilla extract
½ tsp. Strawberry extract (optional, for added flavor)
1-2 tbsp. Unflavored vodka (optional, to prevent icing)
¼ tsp. Xanthan gum (optional, to help with icing and texture)

🔔The type of sweetener you use will change the carb count. Stevia and erythritols (like Swerve) ads very few if any, whereas xylitols (like Xyla) adds up to 2g per serving.

1. Place strawberries in a freezer bag and freeze until needed.
2. In a mixing bowl, combine cream and sweetener and stir until sweetener is dissolved, about 5 minutes (you shouldn’t feel any grit on your mixing spoon). And yes, you can use a powdered sweetener if you like.
3. Stir in extracts and sea salt. Cover your bowl with plastic wrap and chill in the back of the refrigerator (the coldest part of the fridge) for 1 hour.
4. After an hour, remove mixture from refrigerator, stir in vodka and xanthan gum (if using). Pour ingredients into your ice cream maker and churn, per your maker’s instructions, until you have the consistency of soft-serve ice cream.
5. About 5-10 minutes before your ice cream is finished, place the frozen strawberries in a food processor or blender and chop until desired size. Pour the chopped strawberries into your ice cream maker for blending.
6. Once ice cream is done, serve immediately or place in a freezer proof container, with a tight fitting lid, freezing until it is firm, a few hours.

🔔Making Ice Cream Without Ice Cream Maker:
Only ingredients needed are strawberries, cream, and vanilla extract.
1. Chill a mixing bowl in a freezer for at least 15 minutes before making ice cream.
2. Place frozen strawberries in a food processor and chop until berries resemble small crumbs, about 90 seconds.
3. Remove mixing bowl out of freezer, add in cream and vanilla extract (if using sweetener, use powdered) and begin beating with a whisk or using a hand mixer. Stop beating once you have stiff peaks.
4. Add the whipped cream to the strawberries and blend for 30-45 seconds. Serve immediately.

🔔Substitutions for Heavy Cream
1. Coconut milk (with cream mixed in)
2. Coconut cream
3. Almond, macadamia nut or other nut milk
4. Half & Half

You can also use half heavy cream and half of one of the above ingredients. Just keep in mind that the carb count will change.

❓What’s The Deal With Vodka & Xanthan Gum?
Sugar not only helps ice cream taste sweet, it also helps to prevent it from becoming rock hard (due to the ingredients icing up). While low carb sweeteners are much better for you than sugar, they don’t do a great job at keeping ice cream from turning into a chunk of ice.

Vodka simply lowers the freezing temperature of your mixture. This makes it easier to scoop after you put it in the freezer to firm. Xanthan gum helps to provide a smooth mouth feel and prevent it from icing up. However, you don’t have to add either ingredient. After freezing your ice cream, just let it sit out of the freezer for 10-20 minutes to let it soften before serving.