Bucket List

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UPDATED: Lately I felt the tug to check out my list and realized a few more items needed to be crossed off!! And I’ve started a few too.

  1. Do a Tough Mudder in another country.
  2. Go backpacking in 10 9 8 national parks
  3. Bike ride through California and French wine country
  4. Run in all runDisney’s races: 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon. Running these races non-stop would be awesome…doing so wearing a tutu during Princess Weekend is priceless! Are you with me Miss E?
  5. Ride a jet ski
  6. Learn to play piano. (DONE & STILL LEARNING!)
  7. Wear a bikini (yes, in public!)
  8. Ride a zip-line and try my hand at aerial ropes too!
  9. Seriously hit an amusement park without worrying if I fit the rides – I’m coming for you Cedar Point!
  10. Go parasailing (did I really type that!?!)
  11. Be able to wear calf boots (another inch or so to go!) (DONE!)
  12. Write a book about my weight loss (it could happen)
  13. Sit on a plane with the arm rests down (DONE!)
  14. Shop at Victoria’s Secret (DONE!)
  15. Learn to love seafood (DONE! I’m eating it regularly so that’s close enough)
  16. Rent a villa in Tuscany and learn to cook great, healthy Italian food
  17. Ice-skating!
  18. Learn to ski.
  19. Learn and use a new language.
  20. Climb a rock wall
  21. Do unmodified push ups, planks and burpees (1 DOWN!) 
  22. Successfully do an unassisted pull up
  23. Wear a smokin’ hot form-fitting dress without worry (DONE!)
  24. Take swing dancing lessons with the hubby and go dancing at least once a month
  25. Go snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef
  26. Take a month to backpack through Europe
  27. Ride a motorcycle (I’ll start with a scooter first)
  28. Build a gigantic garden (I’m talking homesteading, people!) to grow my own food so I can survive the impending Zombie apocalypse
  29. Arrr! Spend a weekend at the Annapolis Sailing School before starting my life of piracy or getting my sail boat
  30. Live the cruising lifestyle for one year – sailing from one Caribbean island to another
  31. Kayaking!
  32. Take a hot air balloon ride.
  33. Hike the Grand Canyon.
  34. Pack up the telescope and go stargazing in the mountains. (WOOHOO!!! TRIP TO APPALACHIAN TRAIN THIS SUMMER!)
  35. Live in another country for a few months.
  36. Try boondocking in an RV.
  37. Go white water rafting.
  38. Stay overnight in the most haunted house in the US.
  39. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland.
  40. Tour the top distilleries, sampling the goods, in Kentucky!
  41. Read the classics I’ve always avoided. (STARTED ANNA KARENINA)
  42. Visit all 50 states (41 down!).
  43. Learn to juggle 3 balls.
  44. Refinish the kitchen cabinets all by myself.
  45. Disconnect for a week. (DONE — EASIER THAN I THOUGHT)
  46. Take a cruise to Antartica.
  47. Visit the top museums in the world: Smithsonian, British, Le Louves, Acropolis, Hermitage, Metropolitan and Vatican museums.
  48. Visit a few wonders of the new world: the Colosseum, Machu Picchu and Chichen Itza.
  49. See an opera at the Sydney Opera House.
  50. Tour the Galapogos Islands.
  51. Climb Mount Fuji.

13 thoughts on “Bucket List

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  3. Amy Fackrell

    I have found that c210k helps a lot. I’ve also heard from other people that it helps too. Also fitocracy is also good for finding other people who are training and they can give some insight on how to train. Spartan uses a lot of arm strength so you are definitely going to want to do weight lifting.

  4. Amy Fackrell

    Have you done the Spartan or Tough Mudder? I can say that even with your size people will be so nice and help you through the race. I did the Spartan Sprint in April this year and I was able to do quite a bit thanks to the generosity of other racers and I weight 285 lbs. Although I was almost dead at the end since I hadn’t been working out at all before hand. If you haven’t done the race yet I would start out with a smaller mud run like the warrior dash. It is a lot more big person friendly and I can do all but one or two of the obstacles.

    • Hi Amy! Thanks for the note. That’s awesome you did a sprint. I did Mudderella last year and had a blast. Everyone there was awesome and helpful with some of the more challenging obstacles (especially the ladies who helped me dig out my sneaker in a deep mud pit). I’m planning on a spartan sprint late 2017. I do want to do a few events before like some 10k and a warrior dash and Mudderella again. My doctor just gave me the all clear to start exercising but I have to go slow since I’m still healing from surgery. I’m hoping I can start training for my 10k in October but I have to get my sea legs back with some long walks first.

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