Living On Purpose

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After losing nearly 150 pounds and kicking cancer’s sorry ass, it’s time to stop being content with my life and really start pushing myself. That’s what Living On Purpose is about. To really be happy and fulfilled, I want new experiences, make improvements (physically, mentally and spiritually), and challenge myself.

This spot is where I’ll hold myself accountable and keep a running daily diary (new is always on top) for anyone who is interested or want to toss some suggestions my way.

Log Date: JANUARY 18, 2017

Limit Internet Use
The plan is to limit web surfing to 60 minutes a day – two 30-minute blocks (one in the morning and again in the afternoon). Well I used up all 60 minutes for the day. Oh well. That’s it for the day.


Tackling this puppy today. Time to start transforming this mess into the craft room I want.

Two things on the docket this morning: A new schedule and transforming my 2nd bedroom.

Morning Schedule: I quickly jotted down a new morning schedule for me after spending an hour web surfing. My new morning routine: exercise, dog walks, breakfast, chores, then writing. All this before picking up the dang iPad.

To make sure I do just that, I’ve plugged everything into my scheduler with lots of loud annoying “dings.”

2nd Bedroom: Started tackling my 2nd bedroom this morning. Boy what a mess! I can’t transform it into a craft/video editing room until everything is in its rightful place or trashed. I can’t wait.