Pear & Arugula Salad With Dressing | Thanksgiving Side Dish

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Who said you can’t have a salad for Thanksgiving? Well you can — as a side dish! This salad is perfect for fall, and is very #lowcarb despite the inclusion of fruit. What you want is the flavor of the fruit, without eating a big piece of fruit. It makes all the difference.

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âś…Pear & Arugula Salad
Serves 10
Total Carbs/Serving: 5.5g
Total Net Carbs/Serving: 4.5g
Nutrition: 172 Calories/2.3g Protein/16g Fat/5.5g Carbs/1.1g Fiber/4.5g Net Carbs

½ C + 1 tbsp. Extra virgin olive oil
3 tbsp. Fresh lemon juice
Kosher salt
Fresh cracked black pepper
5 oz. Arugula
2 C Sliced Bosc pear (can also use Bartlett or Asian pears)
3 oz. Fresh goat cheese, crumbled

1. Make your dressing by combining the olive oil and lemon juice in a container with a tight lid. Season with kosher salt and pepper. Shake well. Taste and add salt or pepper as needed.
2. Coarsely chop the arugula and place in a large bowl and add pears. Toss with dressing to cover the greens and the pear slices. Finally top with goat cheese crumbles.

If serving with Thanksgiving dinner, consider adding chopped walnuts or unsweetened dried cranberries.