Shake It Up! Protein Powder And Weight Loss

No longer sitting on top of my fridge, I'm cracking this puppy open after my next workout.

No longer sitting on top of my fridge, I’m cracking this puppy open after my next workout.

For some reason, I’ve felt hungry the last couple of days.  Seriously, I just want to eat non-stop.

Yesterday I decided to track not just what I’m eating, but when I felt hungry. Immediately after my walk, I was starving and a bit dizzy. I grabbed an apple, sliced it up and spread 1/2 tbsp of peanut butter on it. That did the trick…for 20 minutes. I got an early lunch – a hamburger patty and a small salad.  Hungry 45 minutes later.  I ended up eating a sausage link to keep the hunger at bay until time for my afternoon snack. Starving at snack time, I devoured my celery and cream cheese.  I then drank a ton of water to keep the stomach grumbling to a minimum until dinnertime.

My workout is the hunger-triggering culprit.  I’ve upped the intensity. A week ago, I averaged 2.5 miles on my walks. Now I walk 4 miles a day, but on the 3rd day I walk 2.5 miles as fast as possible.  Clearly I’m burning more energy and I’m not refueling my body accordingly.

My husband suggested a post-workout shake. I picked up a low carb shake powder back in mid-April. I left for Arizona and completely forgot about it. I found the powder on top of my fridge, unopened.

I opted for a low carb shake with whey protein. The high protein levels help with rebuilding my muscles and the low carb aspect won’t escalate insulin, which keeps my blood sugar level in check.  Nice!

Today is my recovery day, so no workout and no shake. I’m still tracking when I get hungry to see if something is going on other than just the exercise. So far so good.

Tomorrow I crack open that jar.

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Clean Bill of Health

Image courtesy of winnod/

Image courtesy of winnod/

Went in for my annual physical today. I was trying to temper my excitement. With the weight loss and the increased energy levels, I was assuming good things. But we all know what happens when you assume. So I decided it was best if I was cautiously optimistic.

Turns out the numbers are better than I thought. The lab work showed my numbers significantly improved over last year. Since going low carb and getting off the couch, my:

HDL levels (good cholesterol) jumped 15 points
Blood sugar levels dropped back down into the normal range
Vitamin D levels, up 10 points, back into normal range

My doctor couldn’t be happier with the results. Obviously, the biggest change from a year ago was the weight loss – 65 lbs. I mentioned to him about training for the Tough Mudder when I hit 200 lbs. He wants me to get me on a treadmill for a heart stress test before doing something that intense. Makes sense. But he likes my plans to start going on day hikes this summer.

Also, if I keep up the weight loss, there is a real chance that I’ll be off the blood pressure meds by end of year. My blood pressure keeps improving with each visit. If I can hit 110/75 and do so consistently, then I can kiss those pills goodbye! Sweet.