Clean Bill of Health

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Image courtesy of winnod/

Image courtesy of winnod/

Went in for my annual physical today. I was trying to temper my excitement. With the weight loss and the increased energy levels, I was assuming good things. But we all know what happens when you assume. So I decided it was best if I was cautiously optimistic.

Turns out the numbers are better than I thought. The lab work showed my numbers significantly improved over last year. Since going low carb and getting off the couch, my:

HDL levels (good cholesterol) jumped 15 points
Blood sugar levels dropped back down into the normal range
Vitamin D levels, up 10 points, back into normal range

My doctor couldn’t be happier with the results. Obviously, the biggest change from a year ago was the weight loss – 65 lbs. I mentioned to him about training for the Tough Mudder when I hit 200 lbs. He wants me to get me on a treadmill for a heart stress test before doing something that intense. Makes sense. But he likes my plans to start going on day hikes this summer.

Also, if I keep up the weight loss, there is a real chance that I’ll be off the blood pressure meds by end of year. My blood pressure keeps improving with each visit. If I can hit 110/75 and do so consistently, then I can kiss those pills goodbye! Sweet.

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