Back On Track

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Friday afternoon my hubby and I went out for lunch. He was starving after undergoing a small procedure (he had to fast for about 12 hours). So we went to a small diner. He ordered a Belgian waffle, eggs, English muffin and sausage. I had a salad. His food looked amazing compared to mine and I think he took pity on me because he offered me a small bite of his waffle. Ugh!

I caved.

I had two small bites of his waffle. My taste buds went berserk. I wanted any type of sweet tasty carb that crossed my path. My hubby then ordered an apple pie ala mode. I ended up having 3 smallish bites. It was so good.

Yes, that was my bender for the weekend. And I felt terrible afterwards. I was so mad at myself for not being stronger. I’ve passed on high-carb food before. But this weekend, I had a little voice that said, you should reward yourself.

I had just weighed in that morning at lost 3.6 lbs. But after lunch I really felt that I took a major step back. I ended up taking a 2.5 mile walk going at a pace that was way too fast for me…the kind where I couldn’t talk at all and just panted heavily. I ended up falling into bed when I got home. Just felt incredibly weak.

But as the weekend progressed, those carb cravings became stronger. Saturday I wanted to order pizza instead of cook. I talked myself out of it, then I thought I’ll just run to the store and get wine. I actually got in the car and drove down the street before I said out loud “This is totally f***ing stupid” and ended up driving back home.

Sunday my cravings were at a fever pitch. For some reason, I really wanted a Frosty. Thankfully I didn’t say anything to my husband, as he is always in the mood for a Frosty. I just cooked all day and nibbled on some very unfrosty-like low carb snacks. I was miserable.

After a night of bad sleep, I’m happy to report that I survived the weekend. The cravings are gone. Its just amazing how things could have spiraled out of control this weekend. All because I wanted to “reward” myself with food. For someone trying to lose weight, food is probably not the best reward. Next time, I’ll treat myself by downloading some new music for my workouts.

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