Thanks To My Dentist, I’m Losing Weight Today

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Eating like this cutie will help you weight. Photo courtesy

Eating your food slow helps you eat less. How? Eat fast and you’ll over eat. Inhaling your meals messes with the release of hormones that indicates you are full and satisfied.

I tend to eat fast. Always have. It’s one of my last bad habits to break.

Well thanks to my dentist, I get to work on breaking that habit in a few minutes.

Thanks to his wonderful work in filling two cavities, my mouth is numb.  My lips feel like rubber and my shirt’s littered with water stains.

I plan to enjoy the salad I purchased yesterday. It’s pretty big, and I planned to only eat half. Normally, I would move half of the salad into a container for later. It’s a good way to make sure you don’t over eat  – out of sight, out of mind. Thanks to the anesthetic, perhaps I don’t have to split it in two before I start eating.

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Eating Healthy On The Road

I’m visiting family in a few weeks. My goal is to stay on program during the trip. No problem once I arrive. I can easily buy my own foods. My challenge is the actual road trip. I’m driving to Texas from Virginia – over 1,400 miles.

It’s about a 20-hour drive – 2 days.  I want to keep to my 36 daily points and stay under 25g of carbs/day.  I thought about picking up a few Atkins shakes and bars, but I think I’ll save those for the plane ride back home. Instead, I’ll do this the old fashion way – prepare food for the trip.

I plan to start each day with a large breakfast. That should tap down on any hunger attacks and keep my blood sugar level steady all day. Otherwise I’ll rely on a small cooler filled with:

  1. Water & Home Brewed Ice Tea
  2. Seeds & Nuts
  3. Boiled Eggs
  4. Cheese
  5. Chopped Veggies – Mixed Greens, Celery, Peppers, Cucumbers

I plan to take some home-made salad dressing too as anything off the shelf is too expensive point wise.

If I need some quick protein, I can always order a burger without the bun or find steak at truck stops.

Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to do for exercise.



…That Lovin’ Feeling

Five days in and so far I’m doing great with my 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge. I’ve really had no desire to drink.  I just wish I could say that about the old ball and chain.

The hubby decided to undertake the challenge with me in a show of support.  I’ve encouraged him to lose weight with me. He needs to drop 80 lbs. to reach his ideal weight. When I started my low carb voyage, he was right there with me. He even lost 25 lbs. (but gained it back).

I thought that his strong declaration of no drinking was the jump-start of his own fitness regime. Sigh…

Within the first hour of his taking the challenge, he graciously offered to pick up a bottle of wine for dinner. On Sunday he suggested we go to our local watering hole for a few drinks.  It took him a bit too long to realize why I said no to both offers.

I married Homer J. Simpson.

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First Test In No Alcohol Challenge

Yummy ice tea! It's what I'm drinking for 30 days.

Yummy ice tea! It’s what I’m drinking for 30 days.

Only 2 days into my 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge and tonight’s my first test.  I’m meeting two friends for dinner at a brew pub.  Of course I suggested the place. Nothing like trial by fire! Why a brew pub? They have yummy ice tea.

Tomorrow’s weigh-in day and I’m not taking any chances. I even have all of my 49 Weekly Allowance Points – but I won’t have to use them. I looked at the menu online, so I already know what I’m going to order. I’ve eaten light today, so I have more than half of my daily points left.

This test is in the bag.

Weekly Weigh In – April 27

april 27 weightAfter gaining a 1+ lbs last week, I ended up dropping 5.2 lbs over the last 7 days. The difference? I stuck to my weekly menu – no deviations and no eating out. Plus I successfully completed week 2 of the  Weight Watchers LiveLive Challenge. I stayed active everyday, and not just during my workouts.

I also credit my weekly Weight Watchers meeting. It’s amazing how gaining one little lbs can open up the flood gates of negativity. The meetings really do help me get back on track and keep the big picture in mind.

So now my total weight loss is 72 lbs. Not too shabby!

Back On Track

Friday afternoon my hubby and I went out for lunch. He was starving after undergoing a small procedure (he had to fast for about 12 hours). So we went to a small diner. He ordered a Belgian waffle, eggs, English muffin and sausage. I had a salad. His food looked amazing compared to mine and I think he took pity on me because he offered me a small bite of his waffle. Ugh!

I caved.

I had two small bites of his waffle. My taste buds went berserk. I wanted any type of sweet tasty carb that crossed my path. My hubby then ordered an apple pie ala mode. I ended up having 3 smallish bites. It was so good.

Yes, that was my bender for the weekend. And I felt terrible afterwards. I was so mad at myself for not being stronger. I’ve passed on high-carb food before. But this weekend, I had a little voice that said, you should reward yourself.

I had just weighed in that morning at lost 3.6 lbs. But after lunch I really felt that I took a major step back. I ended up taking a 2.5 mile walk going at a pace that was way too fast for me…the kind where I couldn’t talk at all and just panted heavily. I ended up falling into bed when I got home. Just felt incredibly weak.

But as the weekend progressed, those carb cravings became stronger. Saturday I wanted to order pizza instead of cook. I talked myself out of it, then I thought I’ll just run to the store and get wine. I actually got in the car and drove down the street before I said out loud “This is totally f***ing stupid” and ended up driving back home.

Sunday my cravings were at a fever pitch. For some reason, I really wanted a Frosty. Thankfully I didn’t say anything to my husband, as he is always in the mood for a Frosty. I just cooked all day and nibbled on some very unfrosty-like low carb snacks. I was miserable.

After a night of bad sleep, I’m happy to report that I survived the weekend. The cravings are gone. Its just amazing how things could have spiraled out of control this weekend. All because I wanted to “reward” myself with food. For someone trying to lose weight, food is probably not the best reward. Next time, I’ll treat myself by downloading some new music for my workouts.

Kicking Chicken Up a Notch: Rubs!

Image courtesy of Dan/

Image courtesy of Dan/

I tend to use Sunday to cook for the week. Just makes it easier as I plan out my weekly menu. This week’s main staple: Chicken! Excited? Yeah, me neither. Since chicken can get a bit dull, and I’m making about 12 breasts, I have 2 rubs and a marinade I’ll be using on the chicken – 4 breasts per concoction. I find that I’m more likely to eat the chicken during the week if there is a bit of zip to the tasty goodness. Below are recipes for a blackened cajun rub and a moroccan rub that I discovered on the Atkins site. The amounts for each ingredient is what I use to make each rub in large batches. I started making the rubs in bulk so that I don’t have to constantly pull out all of the ingredients each time I want a rub. The batches can usually last about a month.

Rub 1: Blackened Cajun Rub
Good with beef, chicken or fish

1/2 C Paprika + 2 tbsp
1/2 C Dried Oregano
1/4 C Salt
1/4 C Garlic Powder
4 tsp Dried Thyme
4 tsp Cayenne Pepper

Place ingredients in a large bowl and mix well. Set aside a small portion of the rub, enough for 4 chicken breasts.

Rub 2: Moroccan Rub
Good with chicken, lamb or shrimp

1/2 C Cumin + 2 tbsp
1/3 C Ground Coriander
1/3 C Salt
2 Tbsp Black Pepper + 2tsp
2 Tbsp Ground Ginger + 2 tsp
2 Tbsp No Calorie Sweetener (granular is better than powder)
4 Tsp Ground Cinnamon

Place ingredients in a large bowl and mix well. Set aside a small portion of the rub, enough for 4 chicken breasts.

Applying The Rub
After you’ve cleaned your meat, pat it dry. Take the rub in your hands and being rubbing it onto the meat, making sure to coat all sides. Some of you might be inclined to drop the rub in a baggie add the meat and shake the bag a la Shake n’ Bake. You could, but I like to physically rub the seasoning on the meat. Its the best way to ensure the meat is fully coated and that you have enough rub mix actually on the meat and not just a dusting.

Once you have rubbed the mix onto the chicken breasts, place it in a large resealable baggie and add 1-2 tbsps of extra virgin olive oil. Let the bag ‘o meat sit for about 30 minutes, flipping half way through. You want the olive oil to coat the chicken. After 30 it’s ready for grilling or baking.