Thanks To My Dentist, I’m Losing Weight Today

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Eating like this cutie will help you weight. Photo courtesy

Eating your food slow helps you eat less. How? Eat fast and you’ll over eat. Inhaling your meals messes with the release of hormones that indicates you are full and satisfied.

I tend to eat fast. Always have. It’s one of my last bad habits to break.

Well thanks to my dentist, I get to work on breaking that habit in a few minutes.

Thanks to his wonderful work in filling two cavities, my mouth is numb.  My lips feel like rubber and my shirt’s littered with water stains.

I plan to enjoy the salad I purchased yesterday. It’s pretty big, and I planned to only eat half. Normally, I would move half of the salad into a container for later. It’s a good way to make sure you don’t over eat  – out of sight, out of mind. Thanks to the anesthetic, perhaps I don’t have to split it in two before I start eating.

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