Our Drive For Convenience Is Killing Us

water 2

Yep, my grocery store is now selling their own water with a few slices of cucumber. Are we really that hard up for convenience? Why do we resist making things for ourselves?

I was in the grocery store the other day and something caught my eye at the checkout counter. Next to the tabloids and junk food, my store also has a few refrigerators with cans of soda and bottles of water. It was the fridge that caught my eye…or actually something floating in the bottles of water.


That’s right, my grocery store is now selling cucumber water. You can have all 12 ounces for $2 just bucks.

Cucumber water certainly is healthier and far better to drink than the store’s homemade pure fruit juices it sells (fruit juice is just sugar without the fiber).

It reminded me of the story the Washington Post ran about the reasons why millennials are not eating cereal — too much clean up.  Of course, Livescience.com tries to debunk this saying that people are now avoiding carbs. Yet, in the same article, they claim that pre-made breakfasts and breakfast sandwiches are all the rage (great way to avoid carbs in those breakfast delights, right?). Read More