Our Drive For Convenience Is Killing Us

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Yep, my grocery store is now selling their own water with a few slices of cucumber. Are we really that hard up for convenience? Why do we resist making things for ourselves?

I was in the grocery store the other day and something caught my eye at the checkout counter. Next to the tabloids and junk food, my store also has a few refrigerators with cans of soda and bottles of water. It was the fridge that caught my eye…or actually something floating in the bottles of water.


That’s right, my grocery store is now selling cucumber water. You can have all 12 ounces for $2 just bucks.

Cucumber water certainly is healthier and far better to drink than the store’s homemade pure fruit juices it sells (fruit juice is just sugar without the fiber).

It reminded me of the story the Washington Post ran about the reasons why millennials are not eating cereal — too much clean up.  Of course, Livescience.com tries to debunk this saying that people are now avoiding carbs. Yet, in the same article, they claim that pre-made breakfasts and breakfast sandwiches are all the rage (great way to avoid carbs in those breakfast delights, right?).


“Healthy” yogurts for the convenience dieters.

Our ‘Convenience Diet’ Is Killing Us
Thanks to technology, Western culture is about convenience. We want ease in our Go-Go-Go lives. The problem is convenience comes with a price: obesity, diabetes, non-alcohol fatty liver disease, heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome and a host of other diseases.

In fact, that’s what I now call the Western diet — The Convenience Diet.  If it comes in a can, jar, box, bag (plastic or paper), styrofoam, or pouch, we want it. If it’s pre-made, all the better.

After reading Steven Pressfield’s Turning Pro, I’ve come to believe convenience is all about resistance. To what? Doing the work. You know, actually spending time in the kitchen to make our own meals with real food. Instead we gravitate to what’s easy because our lives are so busy, or that’s what we tell ourselves.

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Those on The Convenience Diet are still amateurs as they can’t make their own cucumber water. On the other hand, by doing the work I’ve lost 140+ lbs.

“The Amateur Tweets. The Pro Works” — Steven Pressfield, Turning Pro
Preparing, eating and cleaning up from making 2 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, slices of avocado and tomato takes me all but 20 minutes.  Yet grabbing a “healthy” sugar fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt takes less than a minute. Oh, and I can get it on the go…perfect, right?

Wrong. I lost 140+ pounds (and more importantly, junked my blood pressure meds) by making my own breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When I was on the Convenience Diet, I paid the price: ballooning waistline, rising blood pressure and blood sugar levels, acid reflux, back and knee pain. I chose convenience (eating out and buying packaged ‘foods’) over doing the work (making my own healthy foods).

What have those convenience dieters lost?  Their health. Is saving 19 precious minutes so you can tweet or scroll through Facebook (again) really worth your health and waistline?

Being Go-Go-Go doesn’t mean you’re a busy person. You’ve only let other stuff get in the way of making your health a priority. Social media, watching YouTube videos of cats, binge watching, venting about the latest outrage, going to the gym to work off tonight’s happy hour — all of this, so you don’t have to do the real work.

I bust out laughing when I saw the cucumber water. Have we really gotten to the point where we are soooo busy that we can’t simply slice the cucumber and stick it in a glass of water ourselves?

Answer: the shelf in the fridge with the cucumber water only had 2 left.

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