Low Carb Maple Scones With Frosting

Maple Pecan Drop Scone with Buttercream Cheese Frosting! This puppies are healthy and go great with coffee in the morning.

Maple Pecan Drop Scone with Buttercream Cheese Frosting! This tasty low carb baked good is healthy and goes great with your morning coffee.

This morning I instead of the normal fair for breakfast – 2 eggs, ½ a plum tomato and 1 oz. of avocado – I quipped up some low carb scones to go with a hot Cup of Joe. It was delicious. The recipe, from George Stella’s The Complete Low Carb Cookbook, takes less than 30 minutes to make. And at 2.5 net carbs per scone, it was a great way to start off this very cold, snowy morning.

Over the weekend I made a batch of Buttercream Cheese Frosting, the recipe coming from the same book. I planned to make the scones today, so I got a jump on it and made the frosting ahead of time. Since my scone recipe only makes 6 and my frosting recipe serves 12, I decided to cut the frosting recipe in half. Read More

Sluggish Workouts And The Importance Of Tracking

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Forgetting to track my food for a few days has screwed up my diet and makes me sleepy!

When you forget to track your food, bad things happen. Like what?  How about sluggish workouts and a complete lack of energy.

That’s how I’ve felt the last couple of days. I think my carb and protein intake are far too low.

During my weight training Wednesday morning, every exercise was difficult. Not too unexpected since my trainer is really pushing me — increasing weights, focusing on upper body, and challenging my endurance.

When I did my 5K training later that afternoon, my legs felt like lead. While I finished the training, it seemed harder than normal. I chalked it up to tired legs after working out with my trainer.

Yesterday during spin class, it’s clear that I’m getting stronger as my resistance level increased over last week’s class. But where I’m usually energized after spin class, today I just wanted to curl up in bed. And when it came time to do yoga last night, I struggled to finish the session.

I just didn’t feel right. Something was up. I’m not coming down with anything. So I’m thinking its diet.

When I went to look at my tracker, I realized the problem immediately.  The last time I tracked was Tuesday dinner.


Since my trainer changed my diet, I’ve tracked religiously. Anytime I felt hungry, I made a note in my FitBook and looked at the tracker to see if I need to make adjustments to my meals.

I’m usually all over my tracker like a monkey on a cupcake!

But the last few days have been hectic. Just lots of errands, projects and breaking up too many pet fights (damn you evil overlord cat!).

How quickly things get out of whack when you don’t track for a couple of days. And scary how easy it is to forget to track.

I tried to remember everything I ate yesterday. It’s harder than you think.  What I pieced together indicates that I missed my morning and afternoon snacks. Not good. Also I ate about 20g of carbs, about 30g shy of what my trainer wants. I worked out for nearly 2 hours and 20g of carbs just doesn’t cut it.

As for protein, I was down 5 ounces.  No wonder I woke up starving this morning. Not eating enough to sustain your body is not how you lose weight.

This morning I’m back on track. I logged my breakfast — Kashi Go Lean, Almond Breeze Unsweetened Milk and one cup of strawberries — the perfect breakfast before this morning’s muscle workout and yoga class.

I prepared my protein shake so it’s ready for me when I get home — I just need to add 1/2 a banana and ice.

I also logged it.

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger

Danger, Will Robinson, danger...must resist pizza for dinner.

Danger…danger…must resist pizza.

Well today just got away from me. I pretty much ran errands all day. Now it’s after 5:00 p.m., the hubby will be home soon and I have nothing for dinner. Yikes!

Days like this are dangerous. It becomes so easy to  order a pizza or go out for dinner. And that’s when I pack on the pounds.

It’s amazing how easy it is to fall into bad habits. I didn’t think twice about ordering a pizza.  It came a little too natural for my liking.

Thankfully when this thought crossed my mind, I was working my way through a photo album. I came across a photo of me at 300+ lbs.

Crisis averted.

I have a mess of leftovers – BBQ rubbed pork tenderloin, chili, a grilled turkey sausage link, a couple of eggs, and veggies for grilling. I think we’ll do a potluck dinner today.

After dinner, I have a new photo to add to our refrigerator.

Finishing Up Strong

This beautiful 21 lbs Tom Turkey will be sliced up soon and consumed over the weekend!

5 1/2 hours to cook this beautiful 21 lbs Tom Turkey. The meat should last us days.

On track all day. Eggs, 1/4 avocado and 1/2 tomato for breakfast. A grilled chicken salad for lunch. Almonds for a snack. Plenty of water. Not too shabby.

For dinner?

Well remember that turkey I was planning to make this week. Well that 21 lbs bird just came out of the oven. And while it looks scrumpdillyicious, given the late hour, it will be tomorrow’s dinner.

So what’s a girl to do? Given this Butterball took  5 1/2 hours to cook, I was tempted to head over to Five Guys – the world’s most awesome burger creator. But as I want to do what’s right and avoid easy when it comes to food, I just decided to eat the leftover ribs from my hubby’s lunch and added in a few extra grilled veggies from yesterday.

Rather than a burger and fries, I'm having this healthy dinner tonight.

Rather than a burger and fries, I’m having this healthy dinner tonight.

So I finished up the day staying on track and put myself on a solid path for the weekend with that big a$$ turkey.