Finishing Up Strong

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This beautiful 21 lbs Tom Turkey will be sliced up soon and consumed over the weekend!

5 1/2 hours to cook this beautiful 21 lbs Tom Turkey. The meat should last us days.

On track all day. Eggs, 1/4 avocado and 1/2 tomato for breakfast. A grilled chicken salad for lunch. Almonds for a snack. Plenty of water. Not too shabby.

For dinner?

Well remember that turkey I was planning to make this week. Well that 21 lbs bird just came out of the oven. And while it looks¬†scrumpdillyicious, given the late hour, it will be tomorrow’s dinner.

So what’s a girl to do? Given this Butterball took¬† 5 1/2 hours to cook, I was tempted to head over to Five Guys – the world’s most awesome burger creator. But as I want to do what’s right and avoid easy when it comes to food, I just decided to eat the leftover ribs from my hubby’s lunch and added in a few extra grilled veggies from yesterday.

Rather than a burger and fries, I'm having this healthy dinner tonight.

Rather than a burger and fries, I’m having this healthy dinner tonight.

So I finished up the day staying on track and put myself on a solid path for the weekend with that big a$$ turkey.

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