Weekly Weigh-In: My Pity Party Is Over!


My 3 month sabbatical from stepping on the scale is over. Thanks to a lot of self-pity and too many sugary desserts, I’m up 10 pounds. Time to kick my LCHF way of eating into high gear.

Sometime during the last few months I made the decision to cut myself some slack and not worry about stepping on the scale. Since I was dealing with my cancer diagnosis, giving up on the idea of getting pregnant, surgery, radiation treatment and recovery, the last thing I needed to focus on was stepping on the scale every week.

Of course that meant I probably wasn’t as diligent with my diet as I should have been. Oh, sure, I always cooked low carb, high fat foods. But we ate out a lot and I wasn’t my diligent self. And more often than not I’d order desserts — something I never do.

I fell into the old habit of rewarding myself with food.

But I wasn’t really rewarding myself. I was feeling sorry for my lot in life. I justified those tasty sweets with the idea that it was “OK to live a little … I have cancer, after all.”


I really felt the wrath of my bad eating decisions. And I don’t mean the 10 pounds I put on. Read More

Feeling Sorry For Yourself & Fasting Don’t Mix

water 1

My cucumber water was no match for my stomach. There just wasn’t enough water to keep hunger at bay.

Well my scheduled 3-day fast went up in smoke. Once again I was super tired after my radiation treatment. I planned to take an hour nap then start on my chores (you know, keep busy so I don’t think about my rumbling stomach). Turns out I couldn’t nap. And when I tried to get up, I had no energy. So I lay in bed for a couple of hours  listening to my stomach get louder and louder.

There wasn’t enough water, bone broth or tea in my house to quell my hunger.

I broke down and ate a hard-boiled egg.

Yes I technically broke the fast with that egg, but the amount of food was so small compared to a normal day. I thought if I could hold out until the next morning I can kick my fast into high gear.

I chased the egg with 24 ounces of water. But my tummy persisted. Rather than spend the rest of the day staying close to the bathroom, I admitted defeat and ate dinner.  Read More

The Great 2016 Clutter Battle

Office mess

My office/workout room AFTER we took out the king size bed. Yep, I’m battling clutter this week as I transform this space into something functional.

This week I’m starting to tackle all the crap that we’ve accumulated in my office/workout area. For months we’ve been storing junk in here and just recently we added a second litter box to the room – our cat doesn’t feel the need to walk all the way down to the basement when there is a perfectly good carpet on the second floor. Grrrrr!!!

I for one hate clutter. When I see it I stop focusing on my current task and start fixating on the mess. Since we had a few other important things to do around the house before taking on this room, I made the decision to stay out of the room unless I absolutely had to hunt for something.

Otherwise I’d go bonkers seething with rage that my beloved office turned into our junk room.

Plus I got tired hitting my hands, feet and head on my desk, sofa table and bed rails when trying to do yoga poses or using my resistance bands.

Connection Between Clutter & Weight?
I’ve read lots of stories that claim there is a connection between clutter and weight. But most are professional organizers claiming such a connection. Sort of self-serving if you ask me.

That said, I think there might be something to it. Certainly one of the first things I did whenever I started a diet was to “organize my kitchen and pantry.” Read More

Battling Emotional Eating This Weekend

After a tough weekend with a very sick husband, lack of sleep and some emotional eating, I hope I maintain my weight next week.

After a tough weekend with a very sick husband, lack of sleep and some emotional eating, I hope I maintain my weight next week.

Well this weekend was a kick in the pants. I was unable to go to my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday for my weigh in. So the number here is from my home WW scale. Why didn’t I go to WW?

I was at the hospital all day Saturday and a big chunk of Sunday. My husband woke me at 3:00 a.m. because he had severe abdominal pain. On Friday all of his symptoms screamed “FLU!” But early Saturday something was seriously wrong.

After an hour in the ER, my husband went in for a CAT scan and soon after sent to Observation. What were they observing? Whether or not he needed surgery. Yikes!

Long story short, it turns out he had a bad viral infection in his intestinal track so nothing could pass.

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Battling The Witching Hour Cravings

Thankfully I chose walnuts as my late night snack. But if I don't get a handle on evening snacking it could be worse. Image courtesy of franky242 and FreeDigitalPhoto.net.

Thankfully I chose walnuts as my late night snack. But if I don’t get a handle on evening snacking it could be worse. Image courtesy of franky242 and FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Did you know that most evening eaters eat  50% of their calories at night. Yikes! At least I know I’m not alone. Thankfully I don’t do that anymore. I spread my calories out during the day. But I’m not immune from snacking in the evening. Breaking this bad habit is a challenge.

Saturday Night Boredom Fest
I spent a quiet, relaxing evening at home on Saturday. Tired, I planned to go to bed at 11:00 pm. By 9:30 I was starting to fall asleep on the couch. Not ready to go to bed, I wandered into the kitchen and grabbed a handful of walnuts.

What was I thinking? Read More