Yep, I’m A Curvy Runner…And Lovin’ It

If I can stay injury free my next 5K is slated for Sept. 12 and I'm training to run the whole, dang thing!

If I can stay injury free my next 5K is slated for Sept. 12 and I’m training to run the whole, dang thing!

I’ve set the date for my first 5K that I intend to run – September 12. That gives me 11 weeks to continue my training. It feels great to have a date to work towards. Lately I’ve felt pretty aimless in my 5K training. Don’t get me wrong, I love running, but it’s just nice to work towards something more concrete.

I plan to do a total of 4 races this year. I’m not sure if I’ll physically be able to completely run my first 5K of 2014, but by the time my last race of the year rolls around I’m confident 3.1 miles will feel like nothing. Read More

Keeping My Diet On Track At FitBloggin’14

fitblogginI leave for Savannah, GA this week and I worked out a plan to help keep my carb count on track while I’m away. I’ve eaten 20-25g of carbs a day the last two weeks. For my trip to FitBloggin, my goal is to keep my carb count under 50g/day.

I’ll have 4 days where I won’t do any cooking – two of those days spent in a car. That means I won’t have 100% control over the food I eat.

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Weekly Weigh In: I Lost A Stick Of Butter This Week!

I dropped 0.25 pounds this week. Sure it's not as huge as last week's loss, but I'm down and that's what counts!

I dropped 0.25 pounds this week. Sure it’s not as huge as last week’s loss, but I’m down and that’s what counts!

After last week’s big loss of nearly 6 pounds, my weight loss slowed considerably this time around. I’m down 0.25 pounds. That’s one stick of butter, and I’ll gladly take it.

My grueling workouts this week killed my quads, glutes, triceps, adductors and shoulder muscles. That tells me my muscles are retaining water. Maybe my 0.25 pound loss is the tip of the iceberg. If I keep eating right, I’m expecting a nice weight loss next Saturday when I weigh in.

On The Road Again
The big eating challenge this week is my road trip to FitBloggin’14. I’m driving to Savannah — about a 9 hour drive (not including stops). So I’m planning out my strategy for avoiding fast food traps. While I’m hopeful FitBloggin’ will include healthy foods, I’m not going in wishing for the best. I’m putting together a food plan for the two-day conference.  More on that tomorrow. Read More

I’m Going To FitBloggin’14!

In one week I'll be in Savannah, GA for my first ever FitBloggin.

In one week I’ll be in Savannah, GA for my first ever FitBloggin.

Just a week to go before I head to Savannah, GA to attend FitBloggin’ 14. I learned about FitBloggin last year, but too late to attend. I made a point of putting it on my calendar this year so I wouldn’t miss it. Fitbloggin is a conference for anyone who blogs about fitness, wellness, good food, and living a healthy lifestyle. It’s a great opportunity to meet up with fellow bloggers and pick up great ideas to try back at home.

The sessions look great! So many choices and only one of me. I’m excited about learning how to improve my blog via podcasting, mobile tools and smart phone videos. I think FitBloggin will also give me a much-needed motivational boost. Sure I’ve got my weight loss mojo working once again, but this spring has been a struggle overall.  I’m looking forward to learning how others stayed enthusiastic with their weight loss journeys. Read More