Weekly Weigh In: I Lost A Stick Of Butter This Week!

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I dropped 0.25 pounds this week. Sure it's not as huge as last week's loss, but I'm down and that's what counts!

I dropped 0.25 pounds this week. Sure it’s not as huge as last week’s loss, but I’m down and that’s what counts!

After last week’s big loss of nearly 6 pounds, my weight loss slowed considerably this time around. I’m down 0.25 pounds. That’s one stick of butter, and I’ll gladly take it.

My grueling workouts this week killed my quads, glutes, triceps, adductors and shoulder muscles. That tells me my muscles are retaining water. Maybe my 0.25 pound loss is the tip of the iceberg. If I keep eating right, I’m expecting a nice weight loss next Saturday when I weigh in.

On The Road Again
The big eating challenge this week is my road trip to FitBloggin’14. I’m driving to Savannah — about a 9 hour drive (not including stops). So I’m planning out my strategy for avoiding fast food traps. While I’m hopeful FitBloggin’ will include healthy foods, I’m not going in wishing for the best. I’m putting together a food plan for the two-day conference.  More on that tomorrow.

I’m also planning to hit the FitBloggin’ workout sessions pretty hard. While attending, I’m missing a yoga and two cycling classes, and a muscle workout. I hope the hotel’s fitness room has weights. I don’t want to only do cardio while in Savannah. The hotel does have a pool, so early morning laps are possible.

The one thing I don’t want to mess with is my run schedule. If that get’s out of whack it’s hard for me to get back on track. With any luck, I’ll find a nice path near water.

I really can’t let the exercise slide on this trip. Exercise helps me keep my eating in check. And I’ll need to eat right if I want an awesome weigh in next Saturday.

Shout Out To Weight Watcher Peeps In Savannah!
Oh, speaking of my next weigh in, that will be in Savannah and not my normal Weight Watchers scene in northern Virginia.  I found a Weight Watchers meeting close to my hotel.  I just need to match up the weigh in times with the conference schedule.

I need to get cracking on my plan. I’ve got so much time and so little to do. Opps, I mean…

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