Kangoo Jumps – OK, I’m Curious

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Kangoo Jumps — Will these make my Christmas list?

I started putting together my list for Santa this weekend when I came across Kangoo Jumps. They look absolutely ridiculous…and amazingly fun.

I’ve read that the shoes reduce the impact on joints by up to 80%. That got my attention.

Apparently Kangoos have been around since the ’90s. I’m not sure how popular they are, but I’m seeing them more on fitness sites. I’ve never heard of them until this weekend.

To me Kangoos look like ski boots with shock absorbers on the bottom. I’m not sure about the comfort level when jogging. Seems like it lacks flexibility that my regular old Nike’s offer.

In the little research I’ve done, running in Kangoo Jumps is like to running on a trampoline. Apparently you burn up to 50% more calories and cardio in regular sneakers. Since you rebound off the ground, you use your core more to stabilize yourself.

I haven’t run across these in the DC area yet, but I’d love to try them out.

Has anyone in the Peanut Gallery tried Kangoo Jumps?


Flip-Flop & Fly Footwear (And Purses Too)

Pretty! Who says flips can't be fancy?

Fancy flip-flops? You’re damn right!

With great weight loss, comes an intense interest in fashion. Hell, I just purchased my first Vogueever. What’s happening to me?

Simple: It’s the first time I can actually picture myself wearing outfits that don’t come from Lane Bryant.  Not that I’m knocking LB. It’s treated me amazingly well all these years. It just would be nice to walk into a department store *cough* Macy’s *cough* and be able to try something on. Well that day is coming.

Right now I just window shop as I’m keeping a very lean closet. I’ve got 113 lbs. to go before I invest in a full wardrobe so no need to go crazy shopping…yet.

I love the orange polka dot (of course!), but the shag slipper flips are very comfy.

I love the orange polka dot (of course!), but the shag slipper flips are very comfy.

During my adventure in Texas, I splurged a little on some accessories. My sister introduced me to the Sam Moon, an amazing store that is impossible to leave without buying something. Purses, jewelry, hats, scarfs, and flip-flops – they have it all.

I ended up buying  4 pairs of flip-flops and had to ship them back to Virginia. Well they arrived and look more fabulous than I remember.

I'm giving my black purse a much needed break while I break in these sassy handbags.

I’m giving my black purse a needed rest while I break in these sassy handbags.

OK, Confession Time
I picked up some purses too. This is huge for me as I’ve never owned more than one purse at a time. Sigh…yes, I’m lame. It just seemed like a pain to move things from one purse to another.  Well it is, but now I know looking fabulous makes up for the hassle.

I Want To Put On…My My My My My Boogie Shoes

H/T womenwalkingshoes.net for a great job explaining pronation and how to pick best shoes for your feet.

H/T Women Walking Shoes for a great job explaining pronation and how to pick best shoes for your feet.

Yesterday, I talked about my new favorite socks. Today, I begin my quest for new sneakers. I thought it would be as simple as trying on a few pairs. Lo and behold, there is a lot more to it than just snapping up some cross trainers.

As I started my search, I kept coming across the word “Pronation.” This is the inward rolling of the foot from heel to toe while walking. There are different levels of pronation and you need to know how you roll to choose the right pair of sneakers.  Just look at the bottom of your well-worn sneakers and check the inside and outside edge around the heel.

Foot Mechanics
If the outside is more worn down, you are prone to underpronation. You transfer weight from the heel to the outside of the foot, so your body isn’t absorbing the shock efficiently as you walk.

If you’re like me, you’ll find the heel worn down more on the inside edge. My foot mechanic is overpronation. I tend to push-off from my big and second toe. So the shock of impact spreads unevenly through my foot and ankle. Wonderful!  This causes pain in the foot, shin and knee without the correct shoe.

Arch Typing
Just knowing your foot mechanic isn’t enough. You also need to know your arch type. Are you flat-footed? Have a high arch or a normal arch?  There is a simple test. Just step on a piece of paper with a wet foot. The amount of your arch that shows indicates your type of arch. I turned out to have a normal arch.

So now I’m looking for shoes for overpronation and medium arch.  So my shoe of choice is:

New Balance shoe The New Balance 990 WB3 Lady! This shoe provides the cushioning and stability to compensate for overpronators like me.

So while I await my new shoes, I need to start focusing on walking heel-to-toe.

Your Feet’s Too Big

Even puppy dogs love these socks! Thorlos - the most remarkable socks ever.

Even puppy dogs love these socks! Thorlos – the most remarkable socks ever.

I’ve had one too many blisters after my long walks. Something had to be done. So my little piggies went to market and picked up a couple of pair of Thorlos Thin Cushion Walker Socks – truly the socks of the gods.

Yes they are obscenely expensive – $12.42 a pair on Amazon. Recommended to me by my runner friends, Thorlos are worth every frickin’ penny! Once you put them on the magic happens. This wonderfully padded garment greatly improved my Haste (+3), Agility (+5), Stamina (+3) and Damage Absorption (+2)…yes, I used to play WoW…my husband made me.

On my first outing, I made the mistake of treating these wonders like any other socks. What fools we mere mortals be.

When lacing up my shoes, I didn’t compensate for the extra padding. After my first mile, and my feet went slightly numb, it dawned on me to loosen up the laces. That did the trick and I had a spring in my step. When the walk ended, my feet felt great. No soreness. No aches. No blisters.

What’s so great about these socks?

I can’t rave enough about Thorlos. Blister resistant – so the perfect socks for long walks. Incredibly well padded, you feel comfy while wearing them and your feet stay dry. These socks suck moisture away from your feet. No pesky seam rubbing against your toes. It’s as if the seam doesn’t exist. I used to feel a little jab in my arches during a long walk. No more. The cushioned instep and spandex provides all the support I need.

I can’t wait to wear them on my upcoming hiking excursion to Dolly Sods.

The only caution I have is, if you wear your sneakers tight, don’t buy them.

I’m in the market for some new sneakers. I’ll be sure to wear my Thorlos on my next visit to Lady Footlocker.