Your Feet’s Too Big

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Even puppy dogs love these socks! Thorlos - the most remarkable socks ever.

Even puppy dogs love these socks! Thorlos – the most remarkable socks ever.

I’ve had one too many blisters after my long walks. Something had to be done. So my little piggies went to market and picked up a couple of pair of Thorlos Thin Cushion Walker Socks – truly the socks of the gods.

Yes they are obscenely expensive – $12.42 a pair on Amazon. Recommended to me by my runner friends, Thorlos are worth every frickin’ penny! Once you put them on the magic happens. This wonderfully padded garment greatly improved my Haste (+3), Agility (+5), Stamina (+3) and Damage Absorption (+2)…yes, I used to play WoW…my husband made me.

On my first outing, I made the mistake of treating these wonders like any other socks. What fools we mere mortals be.

When lacing up my shoes, I didn’t compensate for the extra padding. After my first mile, and my feet went slightly numb, it dawned on me to loosen up the laces. That did the trick and I had a spring in my step. When the walk ended, my feet felt great. No soreness. No aches. No blisters.

What’s so great about these socks?

I can’t rave enough about Thorlos. Blister resistant – so the perfect socks for long walks. Incredibly well padded, you feel comfy while wearing them and your feet stay dry. These socks suck moisture away from your feet. No pesky seam rubbing against your toes. It’s as if the seam doesn’t exist. I used to feel a little jab in my arches during a long walk. No more. The cushioned instep and spandex provides all the support I need.

I can’t wait to wear them on my upcoming hiking excursion to Dolly Sods.

The only caution I have is, if you wear your sneakers tight, don’t buy them.

I’m in the market for some new sneakers. I’ll be sure to wear my Thorlos on my next visit to Lady Footlocker.

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