Needed: A New Skin Care Routine

I’ve been so worried about combating loose skin I’ve neglected my face. Luckily for me I don’t have too much sagging facial skin with the weight loss. However in the last few months I’m noticing more acne, some flakiness and small spots on my left cheek. And the circles and puffiness around my eyes has got to go.

But where to start. There are so many products. How do you know the good from the crap? And what type of skin do I really have. Yes I have some flakiness but some spots are oily. I guess that’s combo skin.

Fortunately make-up guru Lisa Eldridge has some great videos on skin care.

You can find the second part of this video here and the update here.

Plan of Action
I know I need a cleanser, exfoliator, eye cream and sunscreen. However, I think my very first step is getting a facial.

A facial would exfoliate the dead cells, clean out the blackheads, open up pores, increase circulation, and super hydrate my skin. But the real value is learning what type of skin I really have and getting advice on the products I need.

That could save me time and money.

Once I have a handle on my skin, then I can head out to the local drug store.

Of course, its one thing to buy this stuff. It’s another to actually build a new skin care routine.

Goodness…I need to make more room in my bathroom cabinet!

History of Make-Up: Best & Worst

The other day I picked up the latest Urban Decay “Naked” eye shadow palette — Smokey. I really sweated over this one because while I love the smokey look, I have no clue how to apply it. But since I’m all about the importance of weight loss makeovers, I need to experiment with different looks to see what works best for me. Sure I’ll screw up, but that’s part of playing around, right?

As I searched online for a “how to” video, I came across Lisa Eldridge’s video on the history of make-up.

Eldridge starts with ancient Egypt and ends with the 21st Century, carefully painting her face to showcase each era while giving viewers a history lesson. It’s awesome and fun, especially learning how views of make up have evolved overtime.

New Jeans — From Size 28 To 14!

My old, size 28 jeans use to be too tight on me. But I refused to go up a size.

My old, size 28 jeans use to be too tight on me. But I refused to go up a size. Now, 140 lbs. later, I’ve cut my pant size in half.

Well with the recent loss of inches around my waist it was time to see if I could slide into a pair of new skinny jeans or if I’m still stuck in between sizes. As of this morning I wore a baggy size 16.

My plans were almost derailed as Old Navy was nearly depleted of size 14 jeans. After a lot of digging around, I found a pair and headed to the fitting room.

No More Fitting Room Blues…For Now
I had a flash back to the first time I entered this same store’s fitting room nearly 2 years ago during my weight loss makeover. Panic took hold of me as I thought nothing would fit.

This time around, no butterflies in the tummy. I was mildly curious…and a bit cocky. It’s not that I don’t have dressing room meltdowns on occasion. Macy’s still freaks me out. Read More

Time For New Running Shoes

Saucony Hurricane ISO

Caution: Shoes are much more neon yellow than they appear! Introducing the new Saucony Hurricane ISO, my new running shoe!

After my 5K Saturday morning, the hubby got the running bug. A few years ago he got into running but thanks to work and “the state of The World” (of Warcraft),” he got sidetracked. Well now that he is working out at the gym and mostly sticking to his low carb foods, he wants to take up running again.

Sunday we headed over to Pacers, a local running store, for a proper shoe fitting. Thinking ahead, I wore my running shoes. Was it time for a new pair? Turns out, the answer was a big yes!

Unlike past sneakers, the outer heel wasn’t worn down — a sign I’m an underpronator. I have high arches so my feet are less flexible than most people. Underpronation is a fancy way of saying my feet don’t absorb the impact of running because they don’t roll inward enough. Read More

Battling Body-Image Blues

I've officially said goodbye to Lane Bryant. Their clothes are too big for me. Yet, I still see myself as heavier than I really am.

I’ve officially said goodbye to Lane Bryant. Their clothes are too big for me. Yet, I still see myself as heavier than I really am.

The weight and inches I’ve lost have finally reached a tipping point. I can no longer shop at Lane Bryant, my go-to clothing store. Two weeks ago I picked up new underwear, size 14/16. They were a bit baggy, but I needed to replace all my size 18s. While shopping, I tried on some jeans. Each cut I tried didn’t fit – too loose.

I felt excited, then a bit of panic set in. Where would I go now for clothes?

My little freakout lasted for about 5 minutes before I remembered that, over the last few months, Old Navy has steadily replaced Lane Bryant as my “go-to” clothing store.

Despite posting my most recent "Before & After" photo, I still look for the largest clothing sizes first whenever I go shopping.

Despite posting my most recent “Before & After” photo, I still look for the largest clothing sizes first whenever I go shopping.

Still Seeing The Fat Girl
It’s funny. I know that I can buy clothes at Macy’s, Nordstrom and other department stores. But when it comes to clothes, I still think of myself as the fat girl who can’t fit into any of “those” outfits.

Earlier this week I went shopping with my mother at Macy’s. I saw a dress I really liked and immediately looked for the largest size (Grrrrr!!!). While finding a size to try on, I lost my nerve. I listened to that little voice in my head — “Why bother. It won’t fit” — and promptly put the dress back on the rack.  Sigh…

Battling Body-Image Blues
I never saw myself as having a body-image issue. But after 3 years on this journey, it’s all too easy to forget about my success while staring in the mirror at that belly fat, chunky thighs or underarm bat wings.

It took awhile before I finally accepted I no longer weighed 325 pounds. Even when I wore a size 22, I’d always look at the largest sizes first.

Breaking with old habits requires a change in perception. To that end, I use to start the day looking at my “before and after” photos. After all, photos don’t lie. When I dwelt too much on my flaws, I’d pull out the heavy artillery — my fat jeans (size 28). Nothing kicked the body-image blues to the curb faster than stepping back into those huge jeans.

Once I hit 250 I felt I finally had my head in the right spot. I didn’t see my flaws or or think about weight I still had to loose. When I looked in the mirror I saw someone happy, healthy and looking pretty damn good!

Unfortunately, I thought I won my little self-image war.  My fat jeans went back into the bottom of a drawer and my “after” photos stopped appearing on my fridge and bulletin boards. My ego told me, “I got this.”

Turns out I didn’t win the war, only the first salvo in a long, drawn out struggle.

I now realize by not trying on that dress, I lost the next battle in my body-image fight. Even though the scale says I’m 187 lbs., I think of myself as weighing 250. It’s time for me to join the fight once again.

I can now officially shop at Victoria's Secret. That means I've crossed another item off my Healthy Bucket List.

I can now officially shop at Victoria’s Secret. That means I’ve crossed another item off my Healthy Bucket List.

Hello Victoria’s Secret
Yesterday I hit the mall with my niece. We ended up at Victoria’s Secret. I noticed that my bra cups push away from my body (a sure sign they are too big) and I was fastening my bras on the last hooks. I decided to get re-measured. But again, that little voice still messed with me. I expected the girl wrapping the measuring tape around me to state my new size and then apologize that they didn’t carry it.

Turns out, I’m no longer a 38DD. Not only am I between a 36D and 34D, but the sales lady started bringing me both sizes to try on. Woohoo!!

Well that’s another item to scratch off my Healthy Bucket List (#13 on my list).

After picking out two new bras (36Ds…34s are a little too tight for now), my niece noticed the underwear was on sale and suggested I pick some up.

No way, I thought. No way I can get those on my big butt.

Happily, I was wrong again.

Hmmmm….perhaps I need to head over to Macy’s.

Everyday Beauty Trends: Winter Colors

My new JuliePage lipsticks: Velvet Plum, Valentina and Vivid Crush. I love them all but right now Naked Grape is my go-to color.

My new JuliePage lipsticks: Velvet Plum, Valentina and Naked Grape. I love them all but now Naked Grape is my go-to color.

Picked up some great make-up last Saturday. One of my weight loss makeover gurus rolled out her very own cosmetics line. It was time for some new lipsticks and eye shadow. My goals? 1. Find something for winter 2. Any color but brown!

Ugh! I’ve bought browns at a rapid clip. It was time to add some other color to my face.

Julie didn’t disappoint. She recommended a bunch of great fall/winter colors for my lips – purples and reds! As I’ve written before, I have issues picking the right red lipstick for me. I fall in love with a color at the store but when I put it on it just seems like overkill. Not to mention the typical, “Are you sure about that color…it’s really red” smart ass comment from the husband. Read More

Can Fat Girls Wear White? Hell Yeah!

I'm breaking bad -- fashion wise. Yep, this fat chick now loves to wear white clothes. I'm tired of all the what you can and can't wear rules.

I’m breaking bad — fashion wise. Yep, this fat chick now loves to wear white clothes.  I’m tired of all the what you can and can’t wear rules.

For the longest time, I held strong to the belief that if you are overweight, you should not wear white (or most light colors). Anyone struggling with their weight has heard the reasons why this non-color must be avoided: You’ll look bigger…it’s too transparent…people will see your cellulite…blah, blah, blah.

Maybe that’s why I never saw fashion as something fun.   Just too many damn rules to oppress me. Well no more. It’s time to chuck the fat fashion rules and I’m starting with the grand poo-bah of all taboos.

Time To Break the Fashion Rules
I’ve always liked white outfits. They can be simple, chic, stylish or outright comfy. Plus white goes with anything. But other than white socks, you’d never see white in my closet.

Well with weight loss comes confidence. I now find myself adding white to my wardrobe. This summer I picked up a pair of white Capri pants, tank top and shirt – stylishly simply gear for the summer. Gone was any fear that I looked huge. I only fretted about keeping my clothes clean (I even started carrying Tide To Go in my purse).

Yesterday I added a sweater to my burgeoning white collection. While in the fitting room, I didn’t see any body flaws. I just saw a comfortable sweater that looked good on me.

I’m getting lots of great ideas from Pinterest as I diligently work on busting this no white rule.

So this winter, I’m planning to add more white to my collection — oh yes, I’m breaking the “no white after Labor Day” taboo too.


Knee Injury Means More Time For DYI Projects

Got a great arm workout sanding my window sills this weekend. When you can't do traditional exercise, household DIY projects are a great way to stay active and workout.

Got a great arm workout sanding my window sills this weekend. When you can’t do traditional exercise, household DIY projects are a great way to stay active and workout.

My knee is officially on the fritz. Sore, swollen and painful on stairs, that tells me it’s time to take it easy on the workout front.  Frustrated by the lack of walks, runs or spin classes (oh my!), what’s a girl to do to stay active while resting a bum knee?

I’m proud to announce that I no longer watch HGTV endlessly. I’ve discovered my inner Nicole Curtis, and making a list of DIY projects to do around the house.

First project on my list — the ugly master bedroom. Read More

OMG…I Can Wear Skinny Jeans

In March my jeans were a size 20. I'm now down to size 16 and can wear kitty approved skinny jeans.

In April my jeans were a size 20. I’m now down to size 16 and can wear kitty-approved skinny jeans.

Last night it got a little chilly, so I decided to toss on a pair of jeans before heading out to the movies with the hubby. Now I haven’t worn jeans since April. I work out so much that I haven’t worn anything other than my exercise or cycling shorts this summer.

What a shock to discover my jeans no longer fit.  They were way too baggie around the waist and thighs.  When I reached for my belt, they fell off my butt. Woohoo!

Thankfully Old Navy is having a sale on jeans today ($19/pair plus $5 off for trying on jeans). I was a size 20 so I figured I’d save time and just grab a couple of pairs of  size 18 jeans before doing my other errands.

But a little voice in my head said to try them on first. I actually thought about ignoring that little voice — I mean, no way I went from a 20 to a 16, right? Read More

Out With The Old, In With The New Cross Trainers

Yes, I'm retiring my old sneakers (about time!). I picked out a pair of ASICS on and I'm loving them.

Yes, I’m retiring my old sneakers (about time!). I picked out a pair of ASICS on and I’m loving them.

My new sneakers finally arrived from that magical place called Zappos! It’s the first time I purchased sneakers online. I have to say all my research paid off. The shoes fit perfectly.

Matching The Shoe With The Workout
All my life I’ve had one pair of sneakers at a time. Which might explain my ankle and heel problems. Thanks to Nike, even sneakers are now built for specific workouts. Considering I lift weights, jog, walk, cycle and backpack, we’re talking a lot of shoes.

That’s just frustrating and murder on the bank account. Sigh…

But yes, I now own running shoes, hiking boots and cycling shoes (they clip to the pedals). I’ve postponed buying the walking shoes since I stopped my daily walks to do my Achilles injury. But that day of reckoning is close at hand. Also I’m toying with trying a Zumba class once I’m injury free, but even that requires special shoes. Ugh!

I do draw the line at buying different sneakers for the other activities I do — weight lifting/gym workouts, body sculpt class or shooting hoops. So to that end I needed a good cross trainer.

The issue with cross trainers is that they’re designed for you to do all activities, but not necessarily to do any of them very well. But that’s OK. For these activities, it’s not about mileage. It’s all about variety.

So, What Did I Get?
I settled on the ASICS GEL-Contend 2. It’s light-weight, the heel is pretty firm and provides the support I need. And they actually feel better than my tried and true Nikes. Strangely, it was the only ASICS cross trainer on Zappos. Hopefully they’ll get more ASICS options soon. But I’m happy with them.

Next up, the Saucony Progrid Integrity ST 2 walking shoe.

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