Can Fat Girls Wear White? Hell Yeah!

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I'm breaking bad -- fashion wise. Yep, this fat chick now loves to wear white clothes. I'm tired of all the what you can and can't wear rules.

I’m breaking bad — fashion wise. Yep, this fat chick now loves to wear white clothes.  I’m tired of all the what you can and can’t wear rules.

For the longest time, I held strong to the belief that if you are overweight, you should not wear white (or most light colors). Anyone struggling with their weight has heard the reasons why this non-color must be avoided: You’ll look bigger…it’s too transparent…people will see your cellulite…blah, blah, blah.

Maybe that’s why I never saw fashion as something fun.   Just too many damn rules to oppress me. Well no more. It’s time to chuck the fat fashion rules and I’m starting with the grand poo-bah of all taboos.

Time To Break the Fashion Rules
I’ve always liked white outfits. They can be simple, chic, stylish or outright comfy. Plus white goes with anything. But other than white socks, you’d never see white in my closet.

Well with weight loss comes confidence. I now find myself adding white to my wardrobe. This summer I picked up a pair of white Capri pants, tank top and shirt – stylishly simply gear for the summer. Gone was any fear that I looked huge. I only fretted about keeping my clothes clean (I even started carrying Tide To Go in my purse).

Yesterday I added a sweater to my burgeoning white collection. While in the fitting room, I didn’t see any body flaws. I just saw a comfortable sweater that looked good on me.

I’m getting lots of great ideas from Pinterest as I diligently work on busting this no white rule.

So this winter, I’m planning to add more white to my collection — oh yes, I’m breaking the “no white after Labor Day” taboo too.


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