New Jeans — From Size 28 To 14!

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My old, size 28 jeans use to be too tight on me. But I refused to go up a size.

My old, size 28 jeans use to be too tight on me. But I refused to go up a size. Now, 140 lbs. later, I’ve cut my pant size in half.

Well with the recent loss of inches around my waist it was time to see if I could slide into a pair of new skinny jeans or if I’m still stuck in between sizes. As of this morning I wore a baggy size 16.

My plans were almost derailed as Old Navy was nearly depleted of size 14 jeans. After a lot of digging around, I found a pair and headed to the fitting room.

No More Fitting Room Blues…For Now
I had a flash back to the first time I entered this same store’s fitting room nearly 2 years ago during my weight loss makeover. Panic took hold of me as I thought nothing would fit.

This time around, no butterflies in the tummy. I was mildly curious…and a bit cocky. It’s not that I don’t have dressing room meltdowns on occasion. Macy’s still freaks me out.

When I shop at Old Navy, I no longer think of myself as a fat chick. As for those department stores, like Macy’s or Lord and Taylor, I’m still working on my fears.

Fitting Room Victory!
Once in the fitting room, I quickly slid into the skinny jeans. No wiggling, or jumping about. No wrestling match trying to pull the jeans on.

It was a near perfect fit. The waist, butt and thighs fit fine. The only problem, my short legs. My low carb diet did wonders for my health and waistline, but it can’t make me tall. I’m most definitely petite.

Excited that I was officially a 14, my first thought was, “I can just cuff ’em.”

Reason took hold and after a little more digging around I found a pair of 14 petites. Sweet!!! 

These 14s are the smallest size jeans I’ve worn in 30 years. I’ve come a long way since wearing those too tight 28s…Oh wow!

I’ve cut my size in half. 


10 thoughts on “New Jeans — From Size 28 To 14!

  1. Wow! Congratulations! What a great accomplishment. I’m so glad you kept those jeans. I threw my pink blouse away that was the last thing I could wear at 241. Wish I had it back.

    • Thanks. I hid those jeans so I wouldn’t trash them. It’s always good to have one thing to remind you of how far you’ve come on your journey. Photos are great (and don’t lie), but there is something about pulling out a pair of size 28 jeans that adds a layer of perspective.

  2. Jennifer

    You showed us the fat jeans; aren’t you going to show us the skinny jeans? Way to go! You have inspired me and I’ve lost 12 pounds so far.

    • Ha! My camera man wasn’t home and I was too excited and rushed the post. But yes, photo of me in the new skinny jeans is coming this weekend 🙂 Oh and congrats on losing 12 lbs!

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