New Jeans — From Size 28 To 14!

My old, size 28 jeans use to be too tight on me. But I refused to go up a size.

My old, size 28 jeans use to be too tight on me. But I refused to go up a size. Now, 140 lbs. later, I’ve cut my pant size in half.

Well with the recent loss of inches around my waist it was time to see if I could slide into a pair of new skinny jeans or if I’m still stuck in between sizes. As of this morning I wore a baggy size 16.

My plans were almost derailed as Old Navy was nearly depleted of size 14 jeans. After a lot of digging around, I found a pair and headed to the fitting room.

No More Fitting Room Blues…For Now
I had a flash back to the first time I entered this same store’s fitting room nearly 2 years ago during my weight loss makeover. Panic took hold of me as I thought nothing would fit.

This time around, no butterflies in the tummy. I was mildly curious…and a bit cocky. It’s not that I don’t have dressing room meltdowns on occasion. Macy’s still freaks me out. Read More

Everyday Beauty Makeover: Creating A Stylish Weight Loss Wardrobe

When I started my weight loss journey last year, my ensemble quickly evolved into sweats, Nikes and an oversized t-shirt. Well after losing 80 lbs., I decided I needed to look more stylish. In short, it was time for a full makeover — hair, makeup and clothes.

Enter my personal Glam Squad! Two friends — Julie & Claire — who are makeover pros. Their task: to help me become fashion forward while I’m still losing weight, without breaking the bank.  My transformation took 3 fun days. There’s a lot to cover, with great photos (compliments of my Glam Squad!), so I’m breaking it down into several posts over the next couple of days.

weight loss and new wardrobe, weight loss wardrobe on a budget

Before hitting the stores, I reviewed great fashion looks with Claire, a member of my Glam Squad.

The Building Blocks Of A Stylish Wardrobe
We caught up over lunch last week and went over outfit ideas and hairstyles. Claire and Julie did a bang-up job. Since I’m still losing weight, they focused on the staples – jeans, dresses, blazers and sweaters.  Easy, low-cost items to rebuild my wardrobe, but stylish enough to add some spice.

Since my current wardrobe is 90% black, their recommendations added a much-needed splash of color. Plus, much of what they showed me included new cuts and shapes – things to try with my new figure.

From there, we went over the budget and then hit the stores.

weight loss wardrobe on a budget, weight loss and clothes

Working with Glam Squad member Julie in finding the right look at the right price!

Do They Carry My Size?
My only anxiety about the shopping excursion was the list of stores. My Glam Squad lined up trips to Old Navy, Macy’s and Lord & Taylor. In the past, I’d stayed away from those stores for one simple reason: my size.

Up until now, 85% of my clothes came from Lane Bryant. Other stores didn’t carry my size – and if they did, never in the store, only online.

Yes I lost weight and went from a size 28 to a 20. But that’s a Lane Bryant size 20. Stores and designers don’t share the same formula for their sizes. A size 20 in one store is different from a size 20 in another (how annoying).

Alone in the Old Navy dressing room, my fear intensified as I held up the size 20 jeans Claire handed me a few moments ago. “No way these are going to fit,” I thought.

weight loss and new clothes, new weight loss clothes on a budget

After getting over my fear of shopping at a new store, I had a blast mixing and matching clothes.

After losing all the weight, where the hell was this doubt coming from?

Well, not doubt, exactly. More like…weirdness. It felt overwhelmingly strange to shop at a “thin person’s store.”  I kept telling myself, “I don’t belong here…it’s a mistake.”

Taking a deep breath, I tried on the jeans. A perfect fit. The weirdness vanished. I belonged.

In that moment, I became an Old Navy customer!

But I needed to temper my excitement or I’d blow through my budget.

Claire to the rescue! She sent me an Old Navy 20% off coupon. Awesome!

She encouraged me to sign up for the store’s email blasts to get coupons and sales alerts.  Making my dollars go further, these two ladies found great deals, including cute tops for under $10. Amazing.

The next 4+ hours flew by. Clair and Julie picked out a ton of great outfits, many of which I never would have tried. I never felt so exhausted.

weight loss and clothes, new weight loss clothes on a budget

Signs your makeover is off to a good start? Lots of bags filled with lovely clothes you got on sale!

The great thing about the day, it gave me more confidence to try new and different styles and to go into stores that were completely off-limits before due to my weight.

Day one down. On the horizon, part 2: a new hairdo.

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