OMG…I Can Wear Skinny Jeans

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In March my jeans were a size 20. I'm now down to size 16 and can wear kitty approved skinny jeans.

In April my jeans were a size 20. I’m now down to size 16 and can wear kitty-approved skinny jeans.

Last night it got a little chilly, so I decided to toss on a pair of jeans before heading out to the movies with the hubby. Now I haven’t worn jeans since April. I work out so much that I haven’t worn anything other than my exercise or cycling shorts this summer.

What a shock to discover my jeans no longer fit.  They were way too baggie around the waist and thighs.  When I reached for my belt, they fell off my butt. Woohoo!

Thankfully Old Navy is having a sale on jeans today ($19/pair plus $5 off for trying on jeans). I was a size 20 so I figured I’d save time and just grab a couple of pairs of  size 18 jeans before doing my other errands.

But a little voice in my head said to try them on first. I actually thought about ignoring that little voice — I mean, no way I went from a 20 to a 16, right?

Well sure enough, when I tried on the boot cut in size 18 they fit…my calf. The thighs, crotch and waist were a tad baggie. I let out a big sigh and proceeded to try on the 16s. A perfect fit. I actually let out a very loud, happy yelp and proceeded to do my happy dance. In fact, the woman in the  stall next to me asked if I was OK.

Oh, I was most definitely OK! In fact, I’d say I was jubilant.

Naturally I got a little cocky and decided to try on the skinny jeans. Hey, I went from a size 20 to 16 — nothing was going to bring me down so why not see how far up my legs they’d go.  Well with a little wiggling and busting some moves that date back to the 1970s , I got those suckers on…and they too fit perfectly.

So of course I had to get 2 pairs of the skinny jeans along with the regular size 16 booth cut too.

Now it’s time for a run!


Here is a better example of my happy dance!

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