I’m A Stepping Fool


My new toy to track my steps. Over 4 days I averaged 12,000+ steps a day. And on Sunday I rested.

Concerned that I was falling back into my old couch potato ways, I decided to buy a pedometer to track my steps. The last few weeks the weather’s been wet and windy. Who wants to walk in that? Not me. So poof, the idea of getting the pedometer popped into my head. I was curious.

How much I sit on my butt at home.

I usually track my walks with the RunKeeper app. But it can’t track you inside buildings. I do have a Fitbit. But while I want to track my steps, I don’t want Google watching my every step.

So pedometer it is.

It arrived late Wednesday. I quickly set it up and put it on my bedside table, ready for Thursday morning. Sure enough, I woke up, clipped it to my PJs, and started my day. I made a promise to myself not to look at it until the end of the day. I just wanted an idea of how much I move in a day. I guesstimated that I’d hit around  2,500 steps.

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Tough Workout – Taming The Yard

Time for a tough workout in my front yard. It's time to tame the jungle!

This afternoon I’m in for a tough workout in my front yard. It’s time to tame the jungle!

Today is weeding and pruning day! Thanks to all the rain, not only have my rose bushes grown wild, the weeds are starting to over take my lovely flowers. Which means I’ll get in a full body workout – legs, arms, back and abs.

I checked out how many calories I can burn during my planned 60-minute weed battle – about 200 calories. Counting your Weight Watchers activity points? One hour of intense yard work translates into 9 activity points. Not too shabby!

This afternoon I’m focusing mostly on weeding, pruning and raking. Weight Watchers posted info on the amount of energy expended during gardening activities (registration required).

  • Weeding & Pruning = golfing or heavy cleaning
  • Raking = Leisurely bicycling
  • Watering = Sitting, knitting or sewing

Time to grab my gardening gloves!

Getting A Garden Workout This Weekend

The roses at the Love Shake are in full bloom and growing wild! Time for some pruning.

The roses at the Love Shake are in full bloom and growing wild! Time for some pruning.

The 3-day weekend is shaping up to be beautiful. Time for my annual gardening workout. I’m not planning on hitting the gym this weekend so a little outdoor work is just what the doctor ordered!

Gardening provides great exercise – endurance, flexibility and strength. Granted, I don’t have the yard that requires digging holes or tilling the soil (yet!), but pulling weeds, pruning rose bushes and potting does work up a sweat.

I plan to kick off the weekend visiting our local farm – Cox Farms – for some plants and dirt. While I’m picking out plants, I’m sure the husband will be busy playing with the goats, rabbits, sheep, chickens, alpacas and Chewie, the resident Guard Llama.  I’m sure I’ll get another workout making sure he doesn’t bring any critters home.

My plan is to transfer the plants into my 8 containers on my deck. I’m planning on herbs (basil, cilantro, chives and parsley) as well as tomatoes,  cucumbers and flowers. Now I love flowers, but I’m most excited about the tomatoes. They are pretty pricy at the grocery store and if I can grow my own, I’ll save a few bucks a week.

I’m also going to tackle the front yard (again). A few of weeks ago my rose bushes were still bare (thank you long winter!) and I spent a Saturday trimming them back for the new growth. Well after LOTS of rain, the bushes not only bloomed, but also grew so fast you wouldn’t think I did any work on them, much less filled 4 trash bags with branches of dead growth.

Just amazing!

Well the roses are in need of serious trimming again, a lot harder this time around since it’s hard to see the thorns with all the green leaves.

Also the weeds around the roses are back with abandon. So it’s time to dig them up again and add a bit more mulch for that final weed deathblow.

Something tells me I’ll get a full body workout this weekend.