Tough Workout – Taming The Yard

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Time for a tough workout in my front yard. It's time to tame the jungle!

This afternoon I’m in for a tough workout in my front yard. It’s time to tame the jungle!

Today is weeding and pruning day! Thanks to all the rain, not only have my rose bushes grown wild, the weeds are starting to over take my lovely flowers. Which means I’ll get in a full body workout – legs, arms, back and abs.

I checked out how many calories I can burn during my planned 60-minute weed battle – about 200 calories. Counting your Weight Watchers activity points? One hour of intense yard work translates into 9 activity points. Not too shabby!

This afternoon I’m focusing mostly on weeding, pruning and raking. Weight Watchers posted info on the amount of energy expended during gardening activities (registration required).

  • Weeding & Pruning = golfing or heavy cleaning
  • Raking = Leisurely bicycling
  • Watering = Sitting, knitting or sewing

Time to grab my gardening gloves!

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