Weekly Weigh-In: Am I Plateauing?

Really!?! 222 pounds on 2/22? Numbers aside, I'm starting to worry about plateauing again.

Really!?! 222 pounds on 2/22? Numbers aside, I’m starting to worry about plateauing again.

The good news is I’m down 1.2 pounds this week. Of course, I was up by 1 pound last week. Basically for 3 weeks no real movement. Am I at the early stages of a plateau?

The husband thinks I’m retaining water. With my knee feeling better, I’m working out more. His theory — my muscles are shredded and retaining water. If true, I should see a big shift on the scale next week.

Another change this coming week — going to real spin classes. I’ve hit the spin room at my gym, but always on my own. I know I don’t get nearly the workout I do with the real class. Hopefully my knee holds up and I’ll finally get a hard workout.

That damn rabbit in me thinks I need to add in another workout in addition to the weights, walking and cycling. I’m itching to try Zumba. Thankfully the tortoise is still winning — I’ve had a few good days with my knee. I don’t want to rush it or I’ll screw up my progress or worse.

As for my diet, my trainer wants me to shake up my daily carb count. She’s worried my body is use to my current eating routine. So after eating about 50-75g of carbs for a few days, she wants me to drop to 20g for a day then spike it up to 200g the following day before going back to 50-70g. Can’t hurt to give it a shot.

How do you deal with a plateau?

Today Is A Glass Half Full Day

I've hit another freakin' plateau. Time to shake things up.

I’ve hit another freakin’ plateau. Time to shake things up.

I hoped that I would hit the minus 75 lbs mark today. Instead I’m up a 1 pound.  I felt amazingly frustrated after getting off the scale. The last month I’ve been going up and down…up and down. Clearly I’ve hit another plateau. Crap!

But I refuse to mope around. While the fickle finger of fate fu….ah…toys with me, I plan to kick it up a notch this week. I’m going back to my week one menu that jump started my weight loss. Also, when it comes to measuring food, I just haven’t been militant.  That stops today.

As for exercise, this week I’ll walk 3 miles/day and start muscle workouts back up.  Amazon kindly delivered my exercise bands a few weeks ago. I promptly took the bands out of a box and tucked them away in a drawer. Time to christen the bands and break a sweat. I think 3 muscle workouts a week is a good start.

Time to kick this plateau’s ass and blow past that 250 lbs mark.