Today Is A Glass Half Full Day

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I've hit another freakin' plateau. Time to shake things up.

I’ve hit another freakin’ plateau. Time to shake things up.

I hoped that I would hit the minus 75 lbs mark today. Instead I’m up a 1 pound.  I felt amazingly frustrated after getting off the scale. The last month I’ve been going up and down…up and down. Clearly I’ve hit another plateau. Crap!

But I refuse to mope around. While the fickle finger of fate fu….ah…toys with me, I plan to kick it up a notch this week. I’m going back to my week one menu that jump started my weight loss. Also, when it comes to measuring food, I just haven’t been militant.  That stops today.

As for exercise, this week I’ll walk 3 miles/day and start muscle workouts back up.  Amazon kindly delivered my exercise bands a few weeks ago. I promptly took the bands out of a box and tucked them away in a drawer. Time to christen the bands and break a sweat. I think 3 muscle workouts a week is a good start.

Time to kick this plateau’s ass and blow past that 250 lbs mark.


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