No Bending, Squatting Or Straightening…Oh My!

My injured knee is swelling and feels tight, like pressure is building behind the kneecap. I also noticed slight swelling in my calf.

There is mild pain when I bend or stretch my leg. I walked the dog half a block before the pain got too bad.

As for sitting, well that’s tolerated for about 15 minutes. Then I need to straighten out the leg to help relieve the pressure. But that only works for 5 minutes.

I did some quick research online and it sounds like my patellar tendon, which connects my kneecap and tibia, is the source of my problem.

So tonight I put my knee on ice and take a couple of Advil. Tomorrow I go on the hunt for an infra-patella strap to brace my knee.

I fly back home on Sunday. I hope the swelling goes down by then. Certainly sitting for 4 hours on a plane won’t help. But leg stretches might. I just don’t know if I should try any.

The last thing I want is do more damage.

Can A Walker Get Runner’s Knee?

Ugh! Fingers crossed that the knee is just a bit sore and that this isn't in my future!

Ugh! Fingers crossed that the knee is just a bit sore and that this isn’t in my future! Image courtesy Ambro and

I’ve heard of runner’s knee. Is there such a thing as walker’s knee? Or is it all the same thing?

This morning I felt a sharp pain during my walk. I slowed my pace and the pain dulled. I toyed with turning around and going home, but the pain went away. I chalked it up to age and weight and continued walking, but decided to just do 2 miles and not the scheduled 4. On the way home, I stepped off the curb wrong and sure enough the sharp pain came back. Again it dulled and disappeared after about 50 steps.

When I got home I decided to rest my leg. After 30 minutes, I felt great and decided to run my errands for the day – grocery shopping, cleaning the house, prepping all my veggies for the week. I only had one mishap with the knee. While carrying groceries from the car I lost my footing and fell on the walk leading up to my house. Both knees gave the concrete step a love tap, but it wasn’t too painful.

Now I’m sitting down for the first time since that morning sit and the knee is throbbing.


Good news is that it doesn’t hurt going up and down the stairs. With all the walking, plus my weight and age, perhaps my knee is feeling a little overused. I don’t think I pulled, sprained, ruptured or imploded anything.

I plan to take it easy the rest of the day – it’s a beautiful day out so I plan to go outside, drink ice tea (curses you 30-day No Alcohol Challenge!), and read with my leg raised. If my knee behaves, I might treat it to a nice ice pack to boot!

Tomorrow, instead of the 5-mile walk, I’ll do a muscle workout and give the knee a rest. With any luck, I’ll be back to my old self by the weekend.