No Bending, Squatting Or Straightening…Oh My!

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My injured knee is swelling and feels tight, like pressure is building behind the kneecap. I also noticed slight swelling in my calf.

There is mild pain when I bend or stretch my leg. I walked the dog half a block before the pain got too bad.

As for sitting, well that’s tolerated for about 15 minutes. Then I need to straighten out the leg to help relieve the pressure. But that only works for 5 minutes.

I did some quick research online and it sounds like my patellar tendon, which connects my kneecap and tibia, is the source of my problem.

So tonight I put my knee on ice and take a couple of Advil. Tomorrow I go on the hunt for an infra-patella strap to brace my knee.

I fly back home on Sunday. I hope the swelling goes down by then. Certainly sitting for 4 hours on a plane won’t help. But leg stretches might. I just don’t know if I should try any.

The last thing I want is do more damage.

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