The Missing Link

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I am not a seafood lover. In fact, I hate it. Always have. The overly fishy taste and funky texture always freak me out. Salmon i find especially horrid.

But one of this year’s resolutions is rating more fish. So I’ve taken to eating tuna fish once a month for lunch. Yuck!

Last night the family wanted to hit a local seafood haunt. Not wanting to spoil plans, I agreed.

The shrimp and grits dish caught my eye. But thanks to the high carb count of grits, I decided to find the most mild fish on the menu.

With my waiter’s help, that turned out to be a fish called Link. A lean fish, it has a firm texture and a slight lemony taste. Topped with tomatoes, jalapeƱos and onions, it was amazing.

No freak out happened. My only problem with the fish was I wanted more.

Now I don’t think this makes me a lover of seafood. But it does give me encouragement to keep trying more mild flavored fish.

Who knows? Maybe same time next year I’ll be eating salmon.

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