Eating Healthy On The Road Ain’t Easy

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Well I’m Day 2 into my road trip and the meals are not going as planned. Other than a small burger (with bun) I ate healthy on Day 1.

Today is a different story. I started off great. I did a protein shake for breakfast and celery and cheese for my morning snack.

I found a trail mix at a truck stop that was just 1 carb. I was amazed and chowed on it. When I looked at the nutrition guide again, I realized I read the wrong line. It was 23 carbs/serving.


Then I needed some unsweetened ice tea…mostly for the caffeine. No luck. I ended up with a can of coke. It tasted horrible. I ended only drinking half before trashing it. I can’t believe I use to love that crap.

So now I’m in my hotel for the night planning dinner.

I’ve never been so happy about ordering a salad.

Mercifully the road trip ends mid-day tomorrow. Then I can get back to more healthy fare.

One thought on “Eating Healthy On The Road Ain’t Easy

  1. Road trips are so hard! We did a small one recently and it started off great! We were stopping at Subway a lot. Unfortunately, on the way home, I ate nothing but trash. Literally candy and processed junk. Yuck. Good luck finishing your trip on a healthy note. 🙂

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