Weekly Weigh-In: Whew!

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aug 17After the chocolate cake fiasco, I thought I’d gained 1-2 lbs. Turns out I’m down 0.2 lbs…so basically even.

The big challenge this week is my trip to Texas.  I’m hitting the road tomorrow, so I’m spending the day prepping my snacks for the road trip. I’ll have cherry tomatoes, berries, nuts, and plain yogurt and granola for snacks.  For my meals, I’m packing up salads and my home-made dressings.  For the protein, I’ll more than likely stop off at some local joint for a bun-less burger.

Weight Watchers allows me 37 points daily. I also have the 49 weekly allowance points to tap into if needed. If I pack the right foods, I can avoid dipping into the 49. Just to be safe, I’m researching the points value of various items at fast food joints. If I have to stop at a Mickey D’s, at least I’ll know how to spend my points.

I’m staying with family, so once in Texas, I’ll prepare most of my own meals. I’m even looking up nearby gyms I can visit.

With some careful planning, I can stay on plan and maybe come home lighter.


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