Fat V Carbs: They Still Don’t Get It

Sometimes you really can’t see the forest for the trees.

The most surprising thing in this video for me isn’t that a low carb, high fat diet works when it comes to improving your health. It’s the number of medical professionals who still don’t have a clue.

I believe most of today’s ills (chronic health problems and skyrocketing health care costs) are caused by the rise of carb-driven fake food over the last 40+ years. The medical community better wake up. Thanks to the Internet, we’re reaching the tipping point where the majority of people will find this information on their own. If that happens, GPs, nutritionist and dieticians just may find themselves obsolete.


Fat Chick Tricks To Stay Away From The Candy

avoiding halloween candy to lose weight

A simple game plan for Halloween night will stop this fat chick from eating any candy. Image courtesy of franky242 and FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Halloween’s this week and I’ve read loads of articles about what to do if you’re a fatty. The advice ranged from handing out non-candy treats or giving kids candy you hate. What crap! Seems to me you’re just punishing the kids and not learning to control yourself.

So I decided I needed to follow my own common sense and come up with a game plan for Thursday night.

Dot2Trot’s Halloween Action Plan

  • Last Minute Candy – I don’t want the stuff hanging around the house too long, so I’m buying the candy at the last-minute. And I plan on getting the good stuff – M&Ms, KitKats, Reese’s Cups, Hershey bars, Milky Ways.
  • Be Generous – None of this one piece of candy nonsense. Any little ghosts or goblins that knock on my door get a handful of candy.
  • Eat Before The Kids Start Knocking – I’m moving dinner up by 30 minutes. I don’t want to hand out candy on an empty stomach.
  • Treat Myself – After dinner I plan to open a nice, healthy bottle of red winesomething that doesn’t go with chocolate. Red wine is low in carbs and loaded with heart-healthy antioxidants. For me, if it comes down to either chocolate or wine, I’ll always pick wine.
  • Donate Candy — Anything left over, I’ll send off with the hubby to leave at the office.

That should do the trick!