Weekly Weigh-In: Stubborn Scale, Loose Clothes

Sure my weight's the same for 3 weeks running. But my waist continues it's downward trend.

Sure my weight’s the same for 3 weeks running. But my waist continues its downward trend.

For the third week my weight is exactly the same while an item of clothing — my running belt — is definitely looser than normal. How loose? While running on Saturday I noticed I had to keep adjusting it. First the belt started falling, so I quickly pulled it up. After a 1/4 mile, I noticed it about 1 inch higher than where I pulled it. About a 1/2 mile later when I went to adjust the volume on my phone, I noticed that my phone was no longer in front of me…it was on my back.


Before yesterday’s walk, I adjusted the buckle to tighten the belt to prevent my phone from floating around my body. Turns out the next time this happens, I’ll need a new belt. Yep, the belt is officially at its smallest size.  Double sweet!

Sooner or later the scale will follow my shrinking waistline.

For now, it’s time for another run.

Time To Breakout The Tape Measure

October 14, 2014 — That’s the last time I took my measurements. Ugh! I really need to work on doing this once a month. Heck, once a quarter would even be an improvement. While the wait was “worth” it, 7 months is still far too long between measurements. I really do believe the tape measure is a far superior tool than the scale in evaluating my weight loss efforts. But my actions tell a different tale.

Anyway, time for the awesome news: Since October I’ve lost 6.5 inches from my chest, arms, waist and hips.

May 1 2015 measurementsThat puts my total inches lost at 57.5 inches! Sweet! Read More

Weekly Weigh-In: Onderland, You Tease!

Onederland here I come! Just 0.8+ lbs. shy of finally weighing less than 200 lbs. I think I hit it next Saturday.

Onederland here I come! Just 0.8+ lbs. shy of finally weighing less than 200 lbs. I think I hit it next Saturday.

Just got back from my weekly weigh-in at Weight Watchers. The good news: I lost 2.8 lbs. this week, putting my total weight loss at 125 lbs.The bad news? I’m 8 ounces shy of Onederland.

Ugh…so close. But next week is it! I’m going to finally dip below 200 lbs. Of course, I’ll need a plan to stay in Onederland. I don’t want to be evicted after Thanksgiving. With the holidays coming up, my plan is to weigh between 190-195. That should give me enough cushion to stay in Onederland through December.

I’m working on my Turkey Day menu today and will post it tomorrow. It’s just the hubby and I this time around so I expect to stick to my 20g of carbs/day routine.

I’m only serving turkey, an almond-bread based stuffing and one veggie dish. As for dessert, the hubby gave me go ahead to skip the pie and go with a low-carb chocolate pudding (recipes coming soon!).

Now I just need to work in 2 glasses of wine into my 20g. Decisions, decisions…

To keep my mind preoccupied on Turkey Day, I plan to watch the Mystery Science Theater 3000, one of my all-time favorite shows. The Turkey Day Marathon starts at noon on YouTube.  Nothing like bad movies with wisecracks from Joel, his robot friends (who make any bad movie delightfully watchable), and the whole Satellite of Love gang. Strangely enough, I just can’t eat anything while this show is on…pretty cool.  Hmmmm…must be all those bad movies.