Time To Breakout The Tape Measure

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October 14, 2014 — That’s the last time I took my measurements. Ugh! I really need to work on doing this once a month. Heck, once a quarter would even be an improvement. While the wait was “worth” it, 7 months is still far too long between measurements. I really do believe the tape measure is a far superior tool than the scale in evaluating my weight loss efforts. But my actions tell a different tale.

Anyway, time for the awesome news: Since October I’ve lost 6.5 inches from my chest, arms, waist and hips.

May 1 2015 measurementsThat puts my total inches lost at 57.5 inches! Sweet!

Measuring Around Loose Skin
When it comes to my thighs I’m starting to have some issues measuring thanks to all the loose skin. I’m not sure how tight or loose I should pull the measuring tape. I want consistency in my measurements, but it’s starting to get ridiculous.  Clearly my thighs are getting smaller, but the sagging skin is making it difficult to take accurate measurements.

But it’s not just my thighs. I can see a similar problem shaping up around my stomach. I still have a lot of fat to lose in my waist and hip areas, but the skin around my stomach is really starting to sag. My husband thinks I’m overreacting. Maybe so, but I’m seeing a lot more rippling and dimpling. I know it will only get worse on my march to goal.

Still, I’d rather have the loose skin than the fat!

While I’m still taking steps to reduce the loose skin, I can’t get rid of all of it. My age, how much I weighed and how long I was overweight are working against me. Since I’m only 30-40 lbs. shy of my goal, maybe its time to start researching surgery options?

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