Getting Down & Dirty At Mudderella

My reaction after conquering my final obstacle Mudderella threw at me!

My reaction after conquering the final obstacle Mudderella threw at me!

I spent Saturday morning running a 5-mile obstacle course in the mud. Mudderella came to town and it was time to do my first mud run. My Healthy Bucket List includes a mud race like a Spartan or Tough Mudder. Although Mudderella doesn’t let me cross it off my list, it was a great way to gauge if it really is doable. It is!

Mudderella isn’t a race. You are not timed. No trophies are handed out. Created by women for women, this 5-miler is more about proving we’re physically and mentally tougher than we realize. Read More

Mudderella Here I Come

No weigh in Saturday. Tomorrow morning I’m headed to Maryland for my first mud race – Mudderella! It’s a 5 mile course with lots of obstacles and plenty of mud. I’m in the 9:45 A.M. wave.

I planned to do another parkour class on Wednesday. My body finally recovered from the 2 hour session on Saturday. Then I remembered about tomorrow’s Mudderella. I know my body from experience. If I did a second intense parkour class, there’s no way I could do a mud race pain-free.

So today I’m taking it easy. After I gather my gear for the mud fest, I’m headed out for a nice easy walk. I’m making today as stress free as possible.


My First 5K, Mud Race Set

Me, after walking in my first 5K -- The Brambleton Ribbon Race -- in 2013. I'm running in the 2015 Brambelton in 9 weeks.

Me, after walking in my first 5K — The Brambleton Ribbon Race — in 2013. I’m running in the 2015 Brambelton in 9 weeks.

It’s official. In a little over 9 weeks I’m running in a 5K race. April 18 is the 2015 Brambleton Ribbon Run. The 2013 Brambleton race was the first 5K I walked since starting this little journey. So it seems fitting that it is now serving as my first timed run.

I can’t tell you how excited I am. Having an real target date makes my goal of running a 5K very real. I now have something tangible to work towards. Once I registered, all of my workouts have a purpose. Regardless of how cold the weather turns, I don’t want to miss a run or a walk. The idea of missing a workout because its cold seems like a lame excuse and won’t help me get across the finish line.

Time To Get Dirty
In addition to my first 5K, I’ve also signed up for my first mud race – Mudderella! Come July 25, I’ll run a 5-7 mile course with 12-15 muddy obstacles in rural Maryland.

Where Spartan races and Tough Mudders are timed races, the Mudderella isn’t. You don’t even have to do all the obstacles. The Mudderella, while it’s an athletic challenge, looks a little more relaxed and fun. I’m still planning on doing a Spartan Sprint this year, but I’m hoping this breaks me into these obstacle races in a fun way.