Charley Horse Visited My Abs Today

It’s day 4 of my 30-Day Sit Up Challenge.

I started off strong. Sit ups 1-15 were a breeze.  But by my 18th it felt like someone added 50 lbs weights to my back. I experienced a major Charley horse in my tummy when I hit my 23rd sit up. I stretched for a few minutes. When the cramp faded, I continued the abuse sit ups.

When I reached 28, I wanted nothing more than to curl up into a ball.

This is an amazing difficult challenge for me. Hell, I can’t even keep my feet completely on the ground when I sit up.

I did reach my challenge goal of 35 sit ups today and I feel great. Tomorrow is a rest day (thank god).

Tonight I’ll work on adding more magnesium (think fresh greens!) to my diet to keep the muscle cramps at bay.

Kicking My Plateau’s Arse

Dot to Trot's smooth yoga moves? Nope. An image courtesy of ponsuwan/

Dot to Trot’s smooth yoga moves? Nope. Image courtesy of ponsuwan/

If you are trying to lose weight then at some point or another you will hit a plateau. Plateaus are my mortal enemies. The quickest way to spell the end of my diets – hitting that damn plateau. They are just so maddeningly frustrating to break through.

I experienced a hellish one back in January. For nearly 7 miserable weeks the scale seemed stuck at 280. Oh, it would tease me and dip to 278 only to sucker punch me the next week to 282. No matter what I did food wise, I was stuck.

My normal M.O. when a plateau crosses my path is to give up. Not this time. Why? Attitude.

My only thought was how bad I was going to kick this plateau’s ass. People were going to feel sorry for this plateau when they realized how far my foot was up its butt. I knew I was on the right path – my clothes were all loose, I had way more energy, I didn’t want to eat unhealthy foods. Nothing was going to stop me.

So how did I kick this plateau’s arse? Yoga.

Because of my injuries, I lost weight just by eating right. However, come January, my metabolism settled in and my body got use to what I was doing. I couldn’t cut back without feeling hungry all day – not good when you are a fat chick! Eating healthy was no longer enough. Thankfully my doctor give me the clear to do yoga. I started doing yoga 3 days a week. And then, like magic, the scale started to cooperate.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve added daily walks to my routine, kicking my metabolism up a few more notches.

Obviously, the closer I get to my goal weight, the slower the weight will come off. While I’ve been averaging a loss of 3.5 lbs the last few weeks, I don’t expect to keep that up. Also, I know my plateau will come back someday. So I plan to be better prepared to give it another ass-whupping.