Charley Horse Visited My Abs Today

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It’s day 4 of my 30-Day Sit Up Challenge.

I started off strong. Sit ups 1-15 were a breeze.  But by my 18th it felt like someone added 50 lbs weights to my back. I experienced a major Charley horse in my tummy when I hit my 23rd sit up. I stretched for a few minutes. When the cramp faded, I continued the abuse sit ups.

When I reached 28, I wanted nothing more than to curl up into a ball.

This is an amazing difficult challenge for me. Hell, I can’t even keep my feet completely on the ground when I sit up.

I did reach my challenge goal of 35 sit ups today and I feel great. Tomorrow is a rest day (thank god).

Tonight I’ll work on adding more magnesium (think fresh greens!) to my diet to keep the muscle cramps at bay.

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