At Least Someone Gets To Enjoy Ice Cream

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Shadowfax and Peekabu enjoying their ice cream treat while I get none :/

My pals enjoying their ice cream treat while I get to watch.

Today is too beautiful to spend indoors. After making breakfast for the hubby, washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen and floors, doing yoga, my 30-Day Sit Up Challenge and resistance band exercises, I decided to sit outside and just soak up the sun.

It’s the first time in a long time I just sat down and did nothing. It was pure joy…for about 5 minutes.

That’s when the thought of going to the local frozen custard stand popped into my head. It’s such a great day that the only thing missing was chocolate frozen custard. Yum. My mouth started watering.  I stood up to get my car keys. Ugh!

I came to my senses fast, sat back down and chugged my water.  “Ice cream? You don’t need stinkin’ ice cream,” I told myself.  Then I promptly wondered about today’s mystery flavor.  D’oh!

Idle hands want ice cream. Thankfully knitting filled the void.

Idle hands desire ice cream. Thankfully knitting filled the void.

Quickly I popped inside the house, grabbed my knitting and two Frosty Paws for the dogs – someone was going to enjoy ice cream today, even if it’s not me!

Once I started knitting, all frustrations and thoughts of ice cream vanished.

Wow. I never realized that I am one of those people whose hands need to do something or they’ll shove food into their mouth. Idle hands make very bad decisions.

Learned something about myself today. And that knitting is the weight loss hobby.


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