The Science Behind LCHF & Fasting

why we get fatLately I’ve had a few questions about fasting and low carb/Keto lifestyle.

  • Should I eat breakfast?
  • How do I know I should fast?
  • Aren’t saturated fats bad for you?
  • Isn’t fasting the same as starving?
  • Won’t eating all that fat cause a heart attack?
  • Why I can eat brown rice or whole grains?

For me, when it comes to reclaiming my health and losing weight, nothing beats a low carb diet combined with intermittent fasting. Unlike the standard Western diet, there is actual science behind the therapeutic benefits of LCHF/Keto and fasting.

I’m not saying LCHF/Keto and fasting works for everyone. But the science for each is rock solid.  For me, understanding the science of why we get fat was key to making better decisions on what to eat AND when to eat.

So for those who are new to, curious or want a primer on LCHF/Keto and fasting I’ve posted a few videos below to help you out.

Also keep in mind to do your own research like I did. For me, the science was compelling so I gave it a try and sure enough LCHF & intermittent fasting worked.  That may not be the situation for you.

Science Behind LCHF/Ketogenic Diets

How LCHF Works


Cholesterol & Heart Disease


Dear News Media: Saturated Fats Are Healthy, Fatty Fast Food Isn’t


Why do the press equate healthy fats with fast food? Most news reporters and editors are intellectually lazy. That’s why you should always question any health “news” you read.

This is one of those subtle things that the news media does that really annoy me.  The New York Post published a short news story about a study out of Norway showing that saturated fats are healthy.

Awesome! However, the opening paragraph of that story is wrong. “Fatty foods” are not necessarily good for you. After a bit of eye rolling on my part, I continued reading and was pleasantly surprised. The rest of the story seems spot on about healthy saturated fats.

What really caught my attention was the photo the editor chose to use.  A greasy, triple stack cheeseburger. Really? 

It completely undermines the news in the story.

Anyone reading that story who buys into calories in/calories out is going to think either: 1. The story is “fake news” or 2. I can eat a big ass cheeseburger and lose weight.

Why choose a photo that conjures up unhealthy fast food in one’s mind? The only thing potentially healthy with that burger might be the meat (and only if it is 100% pure beef). Everything else in that burger is highly processed and should be tossed.

The photo is so misleading.  The story doesn’t say eat fast food burgers all you want. Healthy fats like butter, cream and healthy oils are specifically mentioned.

Here’s a novel concept, why not depict the actual healthy fats mentioned in the story you are publishing? It’s not that hard to find in Shutterstock.

If your job is to provide news to the public, why half-ass it?



Review: The Big Fat Surprise

A must read, The Big Fat Surprise is a gripping page turner. A true whodunit when it comes to our bad diet.

A must read, The Big Fat Surprise is a gripping page turner. A true whodunit when it comes to our bad diet.

It’s said the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Turns out our current dietary road started much the same. Nina Teicholz’s thriller, The Big Fat Surprise, is a fascinating page-turner. It exposes how our country embraced a diet that was supposed to save us from heart-disease, but instead led to obesity, diabetes, and a host of other metabolic diseases.

Don’t be scared off by the book’s size (336 pages plus 62 pages of footnotes) — it is a gripping read that lays out a detailed history of how our nation’s nutrition went off the rails. That’s not to say there isn’t any science in the book. There is, and Teicholz makes it easy for the layperson to understand.

There are many moments in the book where you’ll want to bang your head against the wall and shout, “What the hell?!” Many times while reading, my husband heard me raging how we’ve been deceived — sometimes intentionally — by so-called “experts,” politicians, and nutritional busy bodies who swear they only want to help. Read More

Welcome To The Low Carb Party, Time Magazine!

Kudos to Time Magazine for doing some actual reporting! Saturated fat isn't the enemy. It's what's replaced it in our diet that's making us fat.

Kudos to Time Magazine for doing some real reporting! Saturated fat isn’t the enemy. It’s what’s replaced it in our diet that’s making us fat.

This made my afternoon! Time Magazine actually has a cover story going after one of the biggest nutrition mistakes of the last 40+ years – saturated fat is bad. Fat is not the enemy. It’s what we replaced saturated fat with — carbs and heavily processed foods – that’s making us fatter and sicker.

Since the government decided to conduct a nationwide experiment on us in the 70s, we’ve packed on the pounds and diabetes went up a whopping 157%. Why? Because they pounded into to us to reach for low-fat, high-carb, “heart-healthy,” crappy processed foods and not real, whole foods like eggs, beef, butter and milk.

Unfortunately, most of the story is behind a pay wall, but be sure to check out the video at the link. It is spot on. More people need to see this.

Also, while this Time Magazine video doesn’t mention Gary Taubes, I hope they do in the article (yes, I have to go to a store to buy a print versionhow last century is that?). This was the point of his great book, Why We Get Fat. A lot of nutritionists and weight loss gurus owe this man a big apology!

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