Time To Tackle My Belly Fat: New 30-Day Challenge Is Here!

September brings a new 30-Day Challenge. This time I'm zeroing in on my belly fat with a month long focus on my abs.

September brings a new 30-Day Challenge. This time I’m zeroing in on my belly fat with a month-long focus on my abs.

I wrapped up my 30-Day Flabby Arm Challenge at the end of August and now I’m on to my next monthly challenge. The loose skin around my belly is still upsetting me so I decided that September is the month to work on my abs.

The 30-Day Abs Challenge calls for sit ups, crunches, leg raises and the dreaded plank. I’m really excited about this challenge, as the plank is one of my least favorite exercises. I’ve avoided the position as much as possible.

However, with all the upper bodywork I’ve done, I expect to do OK. I’m on Day 3 of the challenge and my plank has held up nicely. Of course I don’t expect this to last. Holding a plank for 15 seconds is much different from holding the position for 1 minute (or 2 minutes by the end of the challenge).

This should make my trainer happy as she loves crunches, sit-ups and leg raises. I normally do 30-45 of each during our sessions. So I’m really expecting the challenge to get tough by Day 9.

If you’re interested in doing this or other 30-Day Challenges, check out 30-Day Fitness Challenges. There you’ll find arm, leg, core and strength challenges, plus video showing you how to properly do the exercises.

Small Victory: Push-Ups

I actually did push ups today.  I did my plank pose and then 5 push-ups during yoga.

Yes, both the plank and push-ups were the modified versions, but the fact I did them is what counts. In about a week, I’ll try the non-modified plank pose. But for now, I’m sticking to my knees.

Baby stepping one step at a time.