New 30-Day Challenge: 5 Stretches A Day

Thanks to my knee injury, I've finally learned my lesson of stretching everyday. So I'm joining Spartan Race's newest 30-Day Challenge - 5 Stretches a Day.

Thanks to my knee injury, I’ve finally learned my lesson of stretching everyday. So I’m joining Spartan Race’s newest 30-Day Challenge – 5 Stretches a Day.

Want to avoid pulled muscles, torn ligaments or other exercise related boo-boos? Then join me in Spartan Race’s new 30-Day Challenge — 5 Stretches A Day. This challenge focuses on increasing flexibility, mobility and injury prevention. I believe my torn meniscus was avoidable if I was more diligent with my morning stretches.

The challenge includes these 5 stretch routines:

  • Hip Stretch
  • Squat Stretch
  • Toe Touch Stretch
  • Delt/Pec Stretch
  • Standing Quad Stretch

I’m still not allowed to do squats so I’m replacing the Squat Stretch with a Calf Stretch.

Physically, I’m no shape to take on a Spartan Race. But these 30-Day Challenges are the baby steps I need to take to transform me.

Sign up for the Spartan Challenge here.

I’m Up For The Challenge: 30 Burpees for 30 Days

burpee challengeAfter a week of poor food choices and no workouts, I’m back at home eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and tracking my food. As for working out, I don’t hit the gym until tomorrow. So what’s a girl to do until then? How about signing up for Spartan Race’s 30 Burpees For 30 Days Challenge.

What’s a burpee you ask?

The goal is to do 30 burpees in a row. I’m not there yet so I’m doing 3 sets of 10 with a 30 second rest in between sets.

My enthusiasm waned a bit at the end of the first set. Midway through the 2nd set I realized how much I hate burpees. At the end of the third and last set, I stopped questioning my sanity and learned to appreciate the fresh hell that is the burpee.

Only 29 days to go.