Passion of the (Tazo) Tea

taso teaConfession time. I miss my SodaStream. And there are times I miss it more than my husband (sorry honey). While in Arizona I now have to buy my fizzy water. I have to tell you, the choices are slim pickings.  Most are overly sweet. So I’m stuck with Arrowhead. It’s fine. It will do.

What I’m also missing is my ice tea. Arizona water is a bit hard – you don’t drink it – so I haven’t bothered to make a batch of tea. Sigh.

Today as I was picking up a few bottles of fizzy water, I passed the Starbucks inside the grocery store. The light bulb went off. They have ice tea, but not just any tea. Tazo Passion Tea – my favorite!  So I purchased a box of tea bags and got a Trenta of delicious Passion (unsweetened of course). Delish!

I also picked up some unfizzy water for glorious tea making later today.

All is right with the world.

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

photoI’m still in Arizona helping out my mom. Today I weighed in and gained 0.2 lbs. Not bad. Considering I wasn’t completely on program…oh hell, the program went out the window.

While I did manage to get in a few walks when I first arrived in Arizona, that stopped this week. Why? Feeling a bit mopey. My energy’s been zapped. No doubt part of that is from missing dad, but bad food choices is the main culprit. I go off program and poof! I’m a slug.

I at least had the gumption to go to Weight Watchers – expecting to show a 10 lb gain mind you…OMG, I’m trying to score brownie points from myself!

So how bad was the eating this week? I reverted back to a bad habit – eating when bored. Ok, sure I’ve been eating lots of veggies and drinking my water. But I’ve also been gobbling down cheesy poofs (2 bags), blueberry scones (damn you Starbucks), fig newtons, and pumpernickel bagels courtesy of the new Einstein Bros that opened up across the way.

A few more carbs than I planned. No matter how I tried, I seemed bent on eating the junk food in mom’s pantry (or going out for tasty treats). Clearly I was craving comfort foods. But no more. Today I:

1. Trashed the cheesy poofs
2. Skipped Starbucks
3. Passed on the bagel

Yes, I did have one Fig Newton. Those suckers are yummy. But alas, it will be my last one for a long time.

And tomorrow I walk!

Funny, whenever I cut back on my carbs after a binge, I typically feel super tired. Not today. I’ve actually been somewhat productive, although a nap is in my very near future.