Attitude Is Everything When It Comes To Weight Loss

Do you have days where you doubt you’ll ever lose the weight?

I’m 113 lbs. away from my goal weight. Yes, I know I’ll hit it. But it ain’t easy. No matter how great a day or week I’ve had, just one little bump in the road and the voice of doubt burrows itself deep in my head.

Well forget that! I’m now my own weight loss cheerleader, dagnabbit!

That doesn’t mean I’m going to start looking in a mirror saying “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And doggone it, people like me.”

Nope. That ain’t my style.

I decided to start creating spaces in my home to give me the encouragement when times get tough. Just little reminders of how far I’ve come and what I can do when I put my mind to it.

A work in progress, my little cork board keeps me focused on my goals and reminds me of my successes.

A work in progress, my little cork board keeps me focused on my goals and reminds me of my successes.

Home Office Decor
My home office was the first to feel my craft wrath.  I spend a lot of time in this room creating weekly menus, working out to DVDs and writing my blog.

To keep it simple, my hubby put up a cork board for me. Using my finest kindergarten skills, I’m decorating the board with little motivational touches – quotes, goals, milestones and photos. It’s a work in progress, but then again, so am I.

Kitchen Rewards
I added a reward jar in my kitchen. Every time I workout, I’m adding $1 to the jar. Each quarter I’ll use that money for a healthy treat – a new workout outfit, new music for my mp3 player, or a massage. Just something simple to help me celebrate my success.

In addition to the jar, I took down a lot of old papers posted on our refrigerator door. Front and center is a before and after photo of me. A great reminder of how far I’ve come each time I open the fridge door.

The List
Finally, I put pen to paper and made a list of the bennies of getting back into shape that I’ll carry with me. Each time I find the seed of doubt creeping in, I’ll pull the list out to motivate me. My list includes:

  • Endless energy
  • Increased physical comfort
  • Self-confidence
  • No meds!
  • Able to do Tough Mudder

Bottom line: It’s up to me to reach my goal weight. Keeping a positive attitude is key.  Everyday that little voice always gives me reasons why I can’t. Well, now I’m giving myself the tools to shut that little voice up.

Weekly Weigh In – April 27

april 27 weightAfter gaining a 1+ lbs last week, I ended up dropping 5.2 lbs over the last 7 days. The difference? I stuck to my weekly menu – no deviations and no eating out. Plus I successfully completed week 2 of the  Weight Watchers LiveLive Challenge. I stayed active everyday, and not just during my workouts.

I also credit my weekly Weight Watchers meeting. It’s amazing how gaining one little lbs can open up the flood gates of negativity. The meetings really do help me get back on track and keep the big picture in mind.

So now my total weight loss is 72 lbs. Not too shabby!