My First 5K

Crossing the finish line at my first 5K. Next year I'll be running, not walking.

Crossing the finish line at my first 5K. Next year I’ll be running, not walking.

Today was my first 5K and I loved it. I’ve never moved faster. I’ve been averaging 16:38/mile during my 3-mile walks. Not this morning. Say hello to 15:44/mile.

I’m always fastest during my first mile. I just go too fast and start to run out of gas. Well something changed during the 5K. I became progressively faster each mile. By the end of my second mile, I had shaved 10 seconds off of my first mile pace. By the time mile 3 came and went, I was 8 seconds faster than mile 2.

I didn’t feel winded. I didn’t run out of gas. So what gives?

During the 5K, my competitive juices kicked in. I officially wasn’t racing. I didn’t have a timer since I was a walker. But as the 5K progressed, I picked out people who I needed to catch up with and pass. I have no idea why, but that became my motivation. Perhaps its simply because when I do my daily walks I’m alone. It’s just me against my timer. Not today!

Pack of teenage girls engaged in the world’s most insipid, shallow conversation…had to blow past them so my head wouldn’t explode.

The gaggle of old lady power walkers who had an incredibly fast pace at the beginning…became the hares to my tortoise.

But hats off to one woman who I designated my archenemy. She walked a very steady pace. Throughout the race, she was the one I had to catch. No matter how close I got, I couldn’t pass her. It was infuriating. How did I get so close only have her pull further away? It wasn’t until the middle of mile 2 that I learned her secret. She would walk for 5 minutes then breakout into a jog for 30 seconds. She was interval training during the 5K. As soon as I caught up to her or even passed her, she would just breakout into a jog and blow right past me. It only made me want to go faster – but since I haven’t started interval training, running is my kryptonite. She used her ninja powers to finish about 6 seconds ahead of me. Thanks to that “defeat,” my interval training will start soon.

Next year I plan to kick her ass.

Some Days You Just Need A Little TLC

All hail Spider, my furry evil overlord.

All hail Spider, my furry evil overlord.

As predicted, today I feel worse. My muscles were very stiff getting out of bed. Maximum soreness hit as I was due for my second session with trainer John. He did a great job loosening me up. The workout felt good but I was exhausted. Afterward I only desired a warm comfy place to rest. My allergies kept me up last night, so with the muscle soreness, the workout and the lack of sleep, I just wanted to crawl back into bed.

Before I could head for my bed, I had a little visitor. Spider (my evil overlord cat) decided to jump into my lap in a rare moment of sweetness. He kneaded my lap, belly and chest, purring contently the entire time. He would nuzzle my chin, neck and give me soft little head butts. It was as if he knew I was hurting and wanted me to feel better. For 15 minutes I was in heaven.

Then little shit promptly bit my hand (braking the skin) and ran off. Well that woke me up and I ended up doing some gardening.

Perhaps that was really the evil overlord’s plan all the time.