Am I One Tough Mudder?

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Dot hiking in Shenandoah a few years and 61+ lbs ago.

Dot hiking in the Shenandoah Mountains a few years and 61+ lbs ago.

I really want to do this! But I’m in no shape to even attempt Tough Mudder…yet!

I’ve decided that when I weigh 200 lbs, I’ll start training for the Tough Mudder with the goal of doing TM when I’m within 20 lbs of my goal weight. According to my last weigh in, I need to lose 64 more pounds before training starts. Easy Peasy!

So in the meantime, I’m going to continue with walking everyday, increasing my time and distance each week. Since I’m not ready for Tough Mudder, I’m going to register for a few 5k walks in the area. If I walk everyday, I’ll reward myself with a weekly pedicure. For the 5k walks, I’ll treat myself to a facial.

By late April I plan to start hiking again. I really do miss hiking. Its been more than 4 years since my last outing. Far too long. I figured I’ll start off with day hikes in Great Falls, Roosevelt Island, Bull Run Mountain Conservancy, etc. Then come summer I’ll be ready for the weekend hiking trips to the Shenandoah or Dolly Sods – complete with backpack! Glad I didn’t let my REI membership expire.

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