Working Out With The Pups

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Peekabu passed out after her walk.

Peekabu passed out after her walk.

Since we are seeding our lawn, we have to walk the dogs. They get 4 walks a day. It’s the perfect amount of exercise for them.  Peekabu could lose about 5 lbs. We’re taking advantage of our spring weather as VA summers are not ideal for walking Old English Sheepdogs.  Shadowfax, our Mini Schnauzer is at the high end of his weight so it couldn’t hurt him to lose a few pounds.  He’s 10 and the the walks are giving Shadowfax a little perk in his step. Always a good thing.

I do the noon and late afternoon shifts. Each dog is only allowed one pit stop along the walk for sniffing or whatever.  So the pace is pretty good and I feel that I’m actually exerting myself. If I have to clean up after a dog, the pace gets a wee bit faster until I come across a trash can.

I walk each dog separately. Peekabu, as well behaved as she is, does occasionally get spooked. At that point I need both hands to control 90+ lbs. of rambunctious fury.

Having already done my 2.5 miles this morning, I decided to actually track the walks with the dogs. We do a simple walk around our block. Distance? Half a mile. So .50 Miles x 2 Walks =  1 Mile.  The dogs’ afternoon walk is a bit longer, so I’m curious to see where that ends up.

3 thoughts on “Working Out With The Pups

      • Uh-yeah! Sometimes I feel the leash jerk because someone happened to fall behind to sniff something or they pull because they have to go a certain direction thanks to their nose. I allow it except for when I’m in the pumped mood. It’s really a judgement call. However, do not forget to use words with your movement. Like “Come on, Alfie” or “Not there” or “Stay”. He’s my first dog. I wouldn’t call myself an expert. Maybe a local pet school could give your free advise. Good luck :^)

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