Easter Weekend – No Weigh In, Renewed Commitment

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Thanks to how busy I was Easter weekend, I didn’t go to my weekly Weight Watchers meeting to weigh in. That’s probably a good thing. Saturday night we visited friends and dinner was delicious home made pizza and wine. I did a pretty good job of not chowing on everything in sight, but clearly it was very carb heavy. I did count my Weight Watcher’s points and ended up dipping into my weekly allowance points. So overall, I think I did OK.

I did step on the home scale this morning and showed no loss or gain for the week. I’m not recording that. I only record the official weigh in’s at Weight Watchers.

So that gives me 5 days of going hard core low carb, daily walks and 2 days of doing weight machines (something I’m adding this week) before stepping on the scale. I’m hopeful I’ll see continued progress in the right direction.

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