The Miracle of Naps & OJ

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Since Tuesday I’ve been feeling sluggish. I thought it was just all the exercise I’ve been doing – two sessions with a trainer, the daily walks and the gardening. I just thought I needed to make some adjustments in the diet. Well, it turns out I did, but not the kind I was thinking of.

On Wednesday while weed slaying, I did notice a my left sinus was acting up and my nose runny. But I chalked it up to allergies. On Thursday evening it really hit – the left ear was throbbing and the infection had spread down to the left side of my throat. An ear infection. Oh joy!

Swallowing is painful and it’s windy today so no going outside. I speak from experience – you don’t want the wind blowing in your ear when it hurts. I felt miserable by noon. I broke down and asked the hubby to get me some OJ. The husband was shocked with that request. I’ve banned orange juice from the house since June due to the high carb and sugar count.

I had a quarter glass. The taste was spectacular.

I just awoke from a glorious 5 hour nap. Ok, I’m not sure that qualifies as a nap nonetheless, I feel so much better. The pain and swelling in my throat have abated. My ear is clogged, but the pain is now down to a mild throb. I know this a temporary lull, so I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

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