14:56 Baby!

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Today is the first day of Weight watchers’ LiveLife Active Challenge. My goal today was to walk for 45 minutes, or 3 miles. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather so I decided to break my walk into 2 segments – a fast morning walk and a moderate walk this evening.

For the fast walk, I just decided that I would go as fast as possible without jogging for one mile. My speed goal for the past few weeks is the elusive 15 minute mile.

Turns out today’s the day. I hit 14:56 during my morning walk. Since I was going a total of 2 miles, I nearly had nothing left to finish my walk. I actually had to stop after I hit one mile for about 45 seconds to catch my breath before continuing. Mile two I finished at a pace of 16:39 – not too shabby.

I now just have to keep building up my stamina to consistently hit 15 minutes for that first mile, but have enough gas in the tank to hit 15 minutes on that second mile.

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